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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Best Camera Smartphones in Nokia

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Best Camera Smartphones in Nokia

Best Camera Smartphones in Nokia

Nokia’s flagship models have started to reappear in best phones 2019 and top phones 2019 lists with more regularity. This article compares mobiles from Nokia’s stable across different budgets and looks for the best smartphone in terms of camera. Although it cuts across budgets, EMI mobile schemes and consumer durable loans ensure that no phone is out of your reach. Take a look at this list of smartphones from Nokia that are excellent in terms of their camera performance:

1. Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView is the latest among the top phones in Nokia’s flagship range and is catching attention for its five-camera cluster of 12 MP each. These cameras combine Nokia’s collaboration with Zeiss and Light. Two camera sensors of the 9 PureView can take full-color images, while the other three captures the monochrome images for contrast, depth and exposure. 

2. Nokia 8.1 

Nokia 8.1 is a mid-range smartphone with a 20 MP selfie camera to back up the twin rear cameras of 12 and 13 MP. Its Zeiss lenses give it the detailing advantage, and the pictures show the right amount of clarity, sharpness and color reproduction. The portrait mode on the front camera is another handy feature for the selfie enthusiasts.

3. Nokia 7.1 

Nokia 7.1 has a camera that is more than value for money. The smartphone’s 12 and 5 MP rear camera put on an excellent performance, while the 8MP front camera is good enough for practical use. There are useful features like auto HDR which enhance the output by boosting the dynamic range, particularly in daylight shots. There is a Pro Mode as well, which allows you to reset key settings manually, like slowing down the shutter speed for night photography.

4. Nokia 7 Plus 

The Nokia 7 Plus gives you an improved option over the 7.1. It is a well-rounded package and has one of the better cameras that Nokia offered. The 12 and 13 MP rear cameras are matched with a solid 16 MP front camera. The Zeiss powered lenses are well capable of clicking sharp images and bringing out excellent color reproduction. 

5. Nokia 3.1 Plus 

The Nokia 3.1 Plus is a power-packed phone at a sub-10K price. It gives you a dual rear camera of 13 and 5 MP while the 8 MP front camera gives you a good resolution on that selfie click. You have to remember that it is a very low budget phone, so set your camera expectations accordingly. There is a Live Bokeh mode to make indoor snaps a bit brighter. With sufficient light, it gives a sharp and clear overall indoor performance. It is not for photography enthusiasts, but you get decent functional photography output.

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