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Tata Capital > Blog > What’s Trending > How to Prepare for Coronavirus If You Have a Planned Travel Ahead?


How to Prepare for Coronavirus If You Have a Planned Travel Ahead?

How to Prepare for Coronavirus If You Have a Planned Travel Ahead?

With more than 92,000 cases of Covid-19 and 3,000+ deaths registered, coronavirushas really become a grave global problem today. With no current treatment for the novel virus, the situation is only worsening each day. What was earlier limited to a particular geographical area – China, has now viciously spread to more than 80 countries and territories making people severely sick and, in many cases, also causing death.

Additionally, it has ruthlessly impacted the overall global economy and particularly hit tourism. Airlines are cancelling flights to certain regions, companies are restricting business travel, and people are now preferring to stay home to avoid the deadly virus. The world is in a state of slight panic though most of it is fuelled by wrong coronavirus facts. However, it cannot be completely denied that the virus poses great risks and people should be careful, especially while travelling.

Doctors and experts are advising people to cancel travel plans. However, if you must travel, it is best for you to take coronavirus precautions and stay safe. Here is a guide on how to prepare for corona virus if you have planned travel ahead:

Coronavirus precautions

Be wary of your hands: While travelling you should be cautious of what you do with your hands and how clean they are. Do not touch any public surfaces and keep washing them with soap and water to prevent the virus. In cases, where soap is not handy, use an alcohol-based sanitizer, since that helps to kill the virus. You should also avoid touching your face and mouth with your hands too much.

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Maintain distance: Though you might want to really interact with the locals while you are travelling but given the situation, it is best for you to practice social distancing. Keep a minimum gap of one metre (three feet) between yourself and other people, especially if the person is coughing or sneezing. This is important because the virus can spread through droplets.


Avoid crowded public places: Remember to avoid visiting places that are too crowded since you could come in contact with anyone who might have the virus. It is best to restrict your travel to places of utmost importance.

Always wear a mask: The most essential thing you will need to do while travelling is to always wear a mask. This will guard you against the virus.

Practice respiratory hygiene: While travelling and even otherwise, it is best to always follow basic respiratory etiquettes such as covering your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. You can use your bent elbow or a tissue to cover your face and once done dispose of the tissue, as well as wash your hands.

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It is best to be informed about the latest developments and seek guidance from a professional healthcare advisor on other necessary coronavirus precautions. In case, you have fever, cough or any difficulty in breathing, get immediate medical attention.

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