The Corona virus outbreak is known to all. Coronavirus (now newly named as Covid-19) is a communicable disease that causes illnesses that range from common cold to the more serious Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

With the worldwide rampant increase in the number of patients being tested positive with coronavirus, there is an urgent need for people to make sure that every preventive measure is followed. As your workplace is one such place where you spend the majority of your time, here are five coronavirus precautions that can help you and your loved ones stay safe.

1. Choose the option to work remotely

If your company policy allows you, the best option would be to avoid any crowded areas, such as your office. This works in two ways; you avoid the crowd at your workplace and also manage to escape from getting infected by strangers in case you take public transport to commute.

2. Avoid shaking hands

Meeting colleagues and business partners can demand you to shake hands with them as part of your standard greeting. Shaking hands increases the chance of transferring bacteria and viruses from one person to another. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, it is wise to stick to verbally greeting people.

3. Wash your hands frequently

The best and simplest precaution against corona virus is washing your hands. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises washing your hands as often as possible, especially after any form of interaction with other people. While cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand-rub might help, nothing can be better than cleaning your hands the good old way, with water and soap. This will help kill all kinds of viruses and germs on your hands.

Coronavirus prevention

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4. Clean your workstation often

Apart from keeping your hands clean, it is important that you also keep your surroundings clean. Items such as your mobile, keyboard, desk, etc. that are regularly used by you or others should be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaners. This will ensure that the surface remains virus-free and the germs are not transferred to you.

5. Restrict sharing food  

Ensure that all food items are covered and there is no sharing of food among colleagues. The kitchen or dining area should also be kept clean and no cutlery or utensils should be shared. Do wash the spoons, plates, glasses, etc. with warm water and detergent before using them. Such common areas are breeding grounds for the virus and should be dealt with utmost care.


There are many coronavirus facts and precautions that are being circulated on the social media. You must stay away from them to avoid misconceptions. The best source to gain any knowledge about the disease is to refer to authentic websites such as the WHO.

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Don’t forget to practice these simple acts of staying clean, washing your hands often, and avoiding too many social interactions to restrict the transfer of germs.

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