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Tata Capital > Blog > What’s Trending > Bharat Number Plate

What's Trending

Bharat Number Plate

Bharat Number Plate

As India grows rapidly, the movement of people and goods between states has risen considerably. This inter-state mobility is driven by migration for education, jobs or business. Pan-India supply chains and logistics networks have also emerged due to modern trade and transportation.

However, the vehicle registration systems were lagging behind these mobility needs. The state-wise RR series codes of the past created obstacles for inter-state vehicle movement. This led to problems for defense personnel, central government employees or professionals, who have to travel a lot.

To facilitate the new emerging mobility patterns, the Government of India has implemented the Bharat Series (BH-Series) vehicle registration system. Bharat Number Plate, officially known as Bharat Series (BH-Series) registration mark, is the new vehicle registration system implemented across India in 2021. This number integrates the vehicle registration system by removing regional barriers to match the nation's needs.

This article explores what makes the Bharat Number Plate special, its national benefits, adoption challenges and the way ahead.

What is the Bharat Series Number Plate?

The Bharat Number Plate is the common name for the Bharat Series registration mark introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Some key features of this new vehicle registration system are:

1. It is a new registration series marked by the code “BH” instead of state-wise codes. For example, BH-1234-YZ.

2. The Bharat Series registration number is valid across all states and union territories of India. Owners don’t need to re-register when shifting between states.

3. Bharat Series registration is currently applicable only for non-transport personal vehicles. Commercial transport vehicles are excluded.

4. Road tax can be paid by owners either in the origin state or the current residing state, thereby reducing re-registration hassles.

The Bharat Series registration mark aims to do away with the problems faced by people with transferable jobs when their vehicles have to be re-registered after the inter-state shift. It brings convenience, uniformity and flexibility to the vehicle registration system.

Implementation and Bharat Number Plate rules

Bharat Series registration numbers were introduced through an amendment in Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 dated 26th August 2021. The notification designated the Bharat Series mark for vehicles owned by:

1. Employees of Central Govt./ State Govt./ Central/ State PSUs and Private Sector Companies/Organisations which have their workplaces in four or more States/UTs.

2. Employees of Defence Forces, Central Armed Police Forces and Central Paramilitary Forces.

Initially applicable for non-transport personal vehicles, the Bharat Series was extended to other vehicle categories like taxis, buses, goods vehicles and motorcycles, from 1st September 2021. State transport authorities have been directed to ensure the seamless transitioning of Bharat Series vehicles.

Benefits of Bharat Number Plate

The Bharat Series brings several advantages for vehicle owners as well as the government:

1. For vehicle owners

- The Bharat Number plate brings freedom of national registration without needing to re-register when shifting states. This saves time and reduces the cost of repetitive registrations.

- It also brings flexibility to pay road taxes either in the home state or current residing state.

- It leads to easy inter-state transit without border checks, verification and paperwork hassles.

2. For government

- The Bharat Number Plate has improved registration compliance across states by reducing fraud through single unified registration.

- It has facilitated easier processing of the national register of vehicles for better safety, security and integration with national databases.

- It has helped in creating a standardised vehicle registration system across the country.

- It is easier to identify registration details from the Bharat Series code instead of state-wise initials.

Overview of Bharat Number Plate charges

For private vehicles bearing Bharat Series registration, road tax is levied over a two-year period, extendable in multiples of two (four, six, and eight years). Online payment options are available, with the tax remaining valid for 14 years. After this period, an annual payment becomes mandatory.

The vehicle’s invoice price determines the road tax percentage, with reduced rates for electric vehicles. The cost breakdown as per vehicle price is:

1. If the vehicle costs less than ₹10 lakh: 8%

2. If the vehicle costs between ₹10-₹20 lakh: 10%

3. If the vehicle costs more than ₹20 lakh: 12%

Additionally, there is a 2% surcharge for diesel vehicles and a 2% reduction for electric vehicles.

How do you apply for a Bharat Series Number Plate?

The process of applying for a Bharat Series number plate is entirely online. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Visit the e-Vahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Step 2: Click on 'Vehicle Registration' and select the 'Bharat Series' option.

Step 3: Fill in the application form providing personal details, vehicle information, address proof, etc.

Step 4: Upload documents, including proof of eligibility and ID proof.

Step 5: Pay the applicable registration fees online.

Step 6: On successful submission, an application number will be generated.

Step 7: The Bharat Series registration number will be issued after verification.

Documents Required

The documents required for a Bharat Series number plate application are:

1. PAN Card

2. Official ID Proof (for govt/PSU employees)

3. Aadhar Card

4. Form 60 (for private sector employees)

5. Company's GST Certificate

6. Address Proof

The road ahead!

The Bharat Series vehicle registration marks a significant reform to transform mobility for citizens while enhancing safety and security through the national integration of transport systems.

It sets the groundwork for modernising vehicle administration to align with the country’s increasing mobility. The initial challenges of coordinating between states and the centre and raising awareness among citizens can be overcome through consistent engagement among stakeholders. Smooth adoption of Bharat Number Plates will require clear communication of procedures, well-defined policies and robust IT systems connecting state and national registers. If implemented effectively, it can significantly benefit citizens and businesses.

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As India adopts futuristic solutions like Bharat Number Plates, Tata Capital remains committed to enabling progress through innovative financial solutions. Visit our website for more details.

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