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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Why is 2021 the Right Time to Go for an Education Abroad?

Personal Use Loan

Why is 2021 the Right Time to Go for an Education Abroad?

Why is 2021 the Right Time to Go for an Education Abroad?

One would be tempted to argue that any time is an excellent time to pursue quality education, especially when it involves the thrilling experience of studying overseas. However, the past year has raised this question, “why study abroad?” Well, despite legitimate concerns, here are the top three reasons that studying abroad in 2021 is a great idea.

#Reason 1 Despite COVID, not all is lost

One of the main reasons many are choosing to opt-out of pursuing education abroad is the infamous pandemic of 2020. Though the pandemic has indeed caused much havoc over the past year, not all is lost.

Campuses across the world are taking necessary precautions to protect their students and staff members. Regular use of masks, hand-washing, and social distancing measures are being enforced at all times.

While there are universities that have introduced the concept of blended learning (a mix of in-person and online courses), there are those that have completely gone digital to ensure maximum safety. So, if you’re hesitant to pursue abroad studies because of the pandemic, you have nothing to fear.

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#Reason 2 A culture shock is a good thing

They say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and though it is true that staying in a completely new environment in the midst of new people, new customs, and a new culture can come as a shock, there’s a bright side to it.

While your fears of homesickness and social isolation before you leave for overseas education are legitimate, they will not last long, and the experience will certainly shape you as a person, teaching you a totally new perspective on life and living. You will become a more independent person through the challenges you encounter.

#Reason 3 Visas are still being granted

Despite the on-going situation, countries have not stopped granting visas to students who wish to study abroad, especially from Spring 2021.

However, it is equally true that the rules and policies regarding the granting of visas may vary from country to country. It is always better to stay on top of policy changes and updates. Ensure that you make visa applications well in advance.

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Finally, a lack of funds is certainly not a good reason to avoid studying abroad. Take an education loan instead! Why crush your dream due to a tight financial belt? With lenders such as Tata Capital, you can get personal loan interest rates as low as 10.99%!

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So, don’t let a lack of finance stop you from pursuing your dream of quality education from another part of the world. Get a personal loan from Tata Capital today!

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