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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > The Top Countries That Grant Visa on Arrival

Personal Use Loan

The Top Countries That Grant Visa on Arrival

The Top Countries That Grant Visa on Arrival

A visa is one of the most important requirements for an international vacation. Quite often, it becomes difficult to obtain a visa due to the numerous procedures and waiting time it takes. The good news is that there are many countries that have visas on arrival for Indian passport holders. So now you may take an international trip with your family and friends without any hassles.

Know More

Following is a list of five countries where you may obtain a Visa on Arrival with your Indian passport.

#1. Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination. It is a perfect destination for couples as well as for a family trip and is one of the countries with visas on arrival. It is important to remember that you need to produce your confirmed return flight ticket, proof of accommodation, as well as proof of at least 10,000 Thai Baht per person and 20,000 Thai Baht per family during your stay in the country.

#2. Bolivia

Bolivia, a country in central South America, is another country that gives a visa on arrival for 30 days. However, getting a prior Bolivia tourist visa is recommended. The country has many tourist attractions and several highlands and lowlands, which are spectacular and famous for trekking.

#3. Seychelles

The white sand beaches, majestic seascapes, temperate weather, and thriving coral reefs – these are just a few reasons to visit the beautiful country of Seychelles. Since Seychelles is a visa-free country, Indians do not require a visa to travel to this country. Instead of a visa, Seychelles issues a visitor’s permit. For this, the requirements include a valid passport, onward ticket, confirmed accommodation, and sufficient funds for the duration of your stay. In order to show funds for your stay, you may borrow a travel loan, as well as use it to cover other travel expenses.

#4. Mauritius

There is no visa required for Indians travelling to Mauritius. Known for its lagoons, reefs, and beaches, Mauritius has become a famous tourist destination. While in Mauritius, you may visit the Botanical Garden, Black River Gorges National Park, and Port Louis, among other spots.

#5. Ecuador

Ecuador is an awe-inspiring international destination and is known for its Amazonian rainforests, the mighty Andes, and beautiful beaches. Indian tourists travelling to Ecuador do not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days.

#6. Palau Islands

Palau Islands is another country that gives visas on arrival to Indian nationals, allowing a maximum stay of up to 30 days in the country. This country's visa on arrival can be extended twice, with a charge of a specific amount for every extension. A minimum of one week before the current Palau Islands tourist visa on arrival expires, you must request an extension.

#7. Jordan

Jordan is yet another country with visas on arrival. Jordan has always maintained friendly relations with India. In order to further enhance ties, the Jordanian government extends Visa on Arrival to Indians, with a validity of up to 30 days, visiting the country for the purpose of tourism.. However, in order to obtain the visa, you must acquire the Jordan Pass.

At the time of visa issuance, you have to produce a return air ticket, confirmed accommodation, and a cash amount of USD 1000 to cover your trip.

#8. Sierra Leona

One of the countries having visas on arrival is Sierra Leona. It is valid for Indian nationals travelling to Sierra Leone for tourism. All travellers entering Sierra Leone must have a valid passport or other forms of identification.

Among many countries that give a visa on arrival, its visa is for entry at any time during a designated three-month period, and permits stay of up to one month. After the initial entrance, you may request an extension from within the nation.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous other places across the globe that offer a visa on Arrival facility. Laos, Qatar and Sri Lanka are some of the countries with visas on arrival. So pack your bags and head off to these destinations for a relaxing and full-filled holiday.

If you are thinking of travelling to any of the aforementioned destinations, you may explore the option of a personal loan. Such a loan may be used to fulfil your dream of going on an international vacation.

There are numerous lenders in the market that provide such loans at competitive rates. You may borrow a personal loan for travel that will fund your trip rather easily.