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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Simple and Effective Home Renovation Tips for Bungalows

Personal Use Loan

Simple and Effective Home Renovation Tips for Bungalows

Simple and Effective Home Renovation Tips for Bungalows

Whether you want to align your bungalow with your taste and style or refurbish the property to sell, a home renovation project is your answer. This is no easy feat and leaves a lot to be considered – from turning your ideas into reality to blending new extensions into your existing architecture.

While personal loan for home renovation can easily fund your repairs and constructions, if you are looking for professional ideas to revamp your home, we have you covered. Here are some tips for renovating your bungalow.

Revamp your outdoor space

As important as renovating the inside of your bungalow is, you must not neglect the exterior. Revamp your garden by planting seasonal flowers, herbs and bamboo to create natural fencing. You can also upgrade the space by building a patio and add swings to make the space child-friendly. 

If you have outdoor furniture, you can decorate it by adding bright cushions and printed area rugs. But, all of this can cost a bit! Instead of denting your savings, opt for personal loan and finance your refurbishments. 

The layout matters

Renovators often make the mistake of overlooking the bungalow’s layout, ultimately leading to major problems such as faults in the wirework and wastage of space. So, an important home renovation tip for bungalows will include careful consideration of your home’s natural architecture.

Before making major changes, such as room additions, examine the layout of your home for factors like natural lighting, heating, and cooling.

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Small changes are often big

Remember that existing interiors can often be tweaked to completely transform the look of a space. Living room? A lighter shade of paint can brighten up the space. Kitchen? Recycling old cabinets can create extra storage options. But long-term gains matter too, so invest in good plumbing and wiring.

Get creative with the design

Bungalows are a historical form of architecture. But that does not mean they cannot be modernised to suit your style. You can always change the space to accommodate your need for air and natural light by adding skylights or bifold doors.

You can also connect your living space to the garden by installing French windows, which increase ventilation and usher in natural light aplenty.

Opt for a minimalistic approach

Modern home décor is all about ‘less is more.’ So if you want to give your old-fashioned bungalow a neat and clutter-free look, minimalism is the way to go. Here, large windows and glass partitions complimented with white mosaic tiles can do wonders for your home. With lots of natural light, your rooms will feel expansive and less chaotic. 

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Over to you

Now that you have zeroed in on the perfect idea for home renovation take care of the expenses with your reliable financier, Tata Capital. Get collateral-free funds at attractive personal loan interest rates and easy loan eligibility.

We present minimal documentation required, extended loan tenures, flexible repayment plans, and quick processing. Besides, use our personal loan EMI calculator to check your monthly EMIs payable before applying. For more information, connect today.

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