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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Renovate your home with a personal loan this Diwali

Personal Use Loan

Renovate your home with a personal loan this Diwali

Renovate your home with a personal loan this Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and every family is starting to get busy with preparations already. The enthusiasm for the festival of lights in India is next to none. However, we are all simultaneously going through a healthcare and financial crisis. Budgets allocated to decoration and renovation for Diwali will be tighter this year. But you don’t want to compromise on the most special time of the year, do you? That’s where a personal loan for home renovation comes into the picture. 

When you find the perfect personal loan, you can indulge in all of the following and much more, and have a grand Diwali like every year. 

1. Revamping floors, carpets, and furniture

You must paint your house every year, but have you thought of new furniture and furnishing? Revamping your flooring, carpets, furniture with newer, shinier, and better-coloured options can provide your home with a much-needed breath of fresh air in 2020. It may sound like a very expensive affair, but with a home renovation loan, it should be within your means. 

2. Lighting

This year, along with new paints, new furniture, and new furnishing, add a classy touch to your rooms with some chic lighting. You can explore lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, sconces, hanging pendant lights, colourful lights, and floor lamps. You can also replace the primary lighting in your house with smart lighting. This part of your renovation for Diwali plan will really add a lot with minimal effort. 

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3. Wallpapers

If you aren’t sure about what texture to paint your walls with, you can always fix it temporarily with wallpapers. Your wallpapers could cover the entire wall with textures, or just be small stickers in a corner that add meaning. You can keep changing them with every festival as you like and try different themes each time. There is a lot of scope with customization, with cartoon wallpapers for the kids’ rooms, festive wallpapers for the living room, etc. 

4. Redo your dining area

During Diwali, there is always a sea of guests entering and exiting the house, ranging from neighbourhood friends to far-off relatives. There are grand feasts and the dining area must be decked up for the occasion. With an adequate personal loan, you can get yourself that luxurious dinner set or that modular kitchen which will make your kitchen prettier forever. Look for vanity sinks, brass fixtures, vintage cabinets, and ergonomic countertops that will add to both aesthetics and functionality. 

5. Reinvent outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces, whether it is a garden, backyard, or simply a balcony, need to be clean, airy, and attractive. When you decorate it with lights during renovation for Diwali, all gazes will turn towards it and it needs to look picture perfect. Clean it and equip it with wicker chairs, a swing, a small table, and some plants to give yourself and your guests some space from the hustle and bustle. If you have a large front yard, consider spicing it up with pebble pathways and lawns leading up to the entrance. Imagine the wonder of guests when they walk in! Add a small garage for your vehicles and it would be complete. 

6. Home appliances

Diwali is not just for renovation, it is also for welcoming new and important things into the house. Although it has been a tough year, your family deserves that Smart TV, music system, or that PlayStation they have been waiting for. With a personal loan for home renovation, you can make those dreams come true. You can also use it for essentials like a new fully automatic washing machine, a dishwasher, or an AC that will improve your lives in the years to come. 

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Diwali arrives only once a year, and no family should compromise on their happiness in that one week filled with lights, hope, and prosperity. With attractive interest rates and flexible policies that come with online personal loan products, you need not bother with credit cards or any other option. You and your family will surely find the investment worth a week of happiness and many more of positivity and warmth. 

If you’re looking for the perfect personal loan for home renovation, you must consider Tata Capital Personal Loan, which offers flexible EMI and repayment options along with quick processing and disbursal facilities.

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