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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Personal Loan for Festive Shopping: Is it a Good Choice?

Personal Use Loan

Personal Loan for Festive Shopping: Is it a Good Choice?

Personal Loan for Festive Shopping: Is it a Good Choice?

There's no better time of the year than the festive season to put aside your worries and make merry. And a crucial aspect of celebrating festivals is festive shopping! Whether it is buying gifts for your loved ones or treating yourself to something special, there’s a lot to indulge in during the season.

However, since the pandemic, going on a spending spree might not sound like a good idea, but so does losing out on all the festive discounts. If you need ways to finance some big-ticket purchases this festive season, a convenient route is to take personal credit.

Should you take a loan for festival shopping?

Taking personal finance to fund your festive expenses is not a bad idea if you plan your finances well in advance. More so, if you wish to make some significant purchases, such as gadgets and electronics or jewellery. A personal loan can cover all these expenses so that you need not dip into your savings.

However, remember that a loan will last longer than the festive season, and you will have to manage the EMIs for a long time. Hence, financial planning is of the essence when it comes to availing a loan. Especially since it is easy to lose track of budgets and financial plans during the festive season.

Also, consider all the financial offerings and compare different lending institutions before choosing a loan product. Checking your credit score is also critical while deciding to borrow a personal loan for shopping. This will help you get more affordable terms on loan.

Advantages of taking a personal loan for festive shopping

1. No limitation on end usage

Be it shopping for gifts for friends or taking a trip to see your family; no matter your purpose, you can borrow personal credit with ease, and without answering too many questions. So, spend the loan amount any way you want and reduce your financial burden during festivals.

2. No collateral

One of the most significant benefits of personal finance is that you don’t need to worry about pledging collateral as it is an unsecured loan. After all, the stress of putting up a prized asset would surely spoil the festive mood. What's more, lenders offer these loans without asking for security and generally have a relaxed personal loan eligibility criterion that you can easily qualify.

3. Flexible repayment

Many trusted financial institutions offer flexible repayment schemes that are tailored to fit your financial conditions. With these customised EMI plans, you can relax and leave the stress of repayment till after the holidays.

Moreover, by taking a loan, you can avoid paying a large one-time payment and pay through regular instalments over an extended period, which is more manageable.

Over to you

Don’t let the lack of funds take away your festive cheer. Consider Tata Capital’s personal finance offerings and make the most of this coming festive/sales season. With competitive personal loan interest rates, easy documentation and seamless processing, you can get funds quickly and fulfil all your financial obligations.

So, contact Tata Capital and apply for the loan online today!

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