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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Know The Importance Of Checking Your Credit Score Regularly

Personal Use Loan

Know The Importance Of Checking Your Credit Score Regularly

Know The Importance Of Checking Your Credit Score Regularly


One can always keep up with the credit score if we routinely check the credit report. If there is a decline, one can identify the causes and promptly raise the credit score. In the same way, if the credit score rises, one may analyse it to learn how to raise it if it drops in the future. Let's examine why it's crucial to check your credit score periodically

The credit score predicts one's likelihood of making timely loan payments. A scoring algorithm uses data from a credit report to generate a credit score. Businesses use a mathematical formula known as a scoring model and data from the credit report to generate the credit score. Businesses utilise credit ratings to decide whether to lend someone a loan, credit card, vehicle finance, or another credit product. They are often used to establish the credit limit, and the rate of interest one will pay on the loan or credit card.

One can also track financial behaviour by doing a credit score check online frequently. This enables them to determine if the activities improve or decrease their credit score. Knowing what could lower the credit score will help to prevent it and, in times of need, secure better deals on personal loans, mortgages, and other loans.

This article will explain why a CIBIL score is important and the reasons to check your credit score regularly. 

Why CIBIL Score Is Important

One should know the importance of a credit score because it helps us in many ways. People mistakenly believe that self-checking their credit score would decline their score, although the opposite is true and could not be more so. Self-checking of credit score is considered a soft inquiry and has no impact on the score. 

Lenders see the credit score as a critical indicator of the ability to repay debts. A three-digit numerical summary of the whole credit history is the credit score. The Credit Information Report, or CIR, is created based on information obtained from lenders. So people might think how can I check my CIBIL score online?So let's discuss this in brief.

How To Check Credit Score Online?

In today's world, everything is online, and credit score check online is one of them. Credit ratings are now being offered to clients by many banks, lending firms, and credit card organisations. Individuals can find it by entering their account online, or it might be on their statement. One can also get credit ratings directly from the main credit bureaus. There are two ways to check credit scores online. One is for new customers, and the other is for existing ones. 

  • Enter the first and last name, DOB, gender, email address, contact number, state, location, PAN number, and pin code as a new client to obtain the CIBIL score online.
  • If an individual is a current customer, they may obtain the report online by providing the registered cellphone number to acquire the CIBIL score. Finally, with the OTP, one may check their online CIBIL score.

Reasons To Check Your Credit Score Regularly

There is immense importance of credit score because a person's credit score defines his/her creditworthiness. Therefore, regularly checking the credit score is essential. The reasons why one should check CIBIL score regularly are as follows:

  • Know How Behavior Affects Credit Score: Regularly checking the credit score might help keep track of spending. This enables them to determine if their activities are improving or decreasing their credit score. Knowing what could lower the credit score will help prevent it. It also helps secure better deals on personal loan, mortgages, and other loans.
  • Recognize The Financial Situation: Like routine doctor visits are vital to maintaining good health, monitoring credit score is crucial to financial stability. If the credit score is high, maintaining it will depend on adhering to sound financial practices like paying the credit card debts and loan Installments on time.
  • Helps Increase Credit Score: Credit score checks are important as they help increase the overall credit score. Most individuals frequently believe that because they promptly pay down credit card debt, they do not need to monitor their credit score routinely. Making on-time payments is essential, but it is not the only factor affecting the credit score. Additionally, one wants to have a modest credit use ratio. The credit score might be raised if an individual's credit usage rate equals or is below 30%. Monitor the credit score carefully and take aggressive steps to keep it high.
  • Possess An Accurate Credit Report: The payment history for the different credit products used throughout the years determines the credit score. There is a probability but no guarantee that the credit report contains some mistakes. However, a mistake on the credit record can lower the credit score. Periodically check your credit score to determine whether everything is in order.
  • Determining Loan Application Approval: One’s loan or credit card application will almost always be granted if the person has a decent credit score. Lenders will examine the credit score to determine if the person can return the loan or whether there is a danger they will default. Therefore, reviewing credit scores can help with awareness of one’s financial situation. Once an individual knows what is on the report, they may take the necessary action to prevent the loan application from being denied.


One may better understand their current financial condition by checking their credit history and credit ratings. Monitoring credit reports frequently might help better understand what potential lenders could notice. In today's world, we prefer doing everything online. The same goes for monitoring financial conditions. By doing a credit score check online, we can save time and energy. One may also find any erroneous or missing information by checking credit reports. Although it mostly depends on individuals, a monthly review ought to be adequate to keep one updated on any changes that could appear in the credit report and impact the score. 

Turn to Tata Capital for an easy and free credit score check. Visit the website now and access credit records in just a few minutes!

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