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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Personal Use Loan

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

The marks of a well-used kitchen are usually a sore sight! Just think of the stained countertops, oil splashes on the walls, worn-down flooring, and over-used appliances. So, if there’s one room in your house that you should consider revamping, it is probably the kitchen.

Unsure of how to proceed? Here are some kitchen remodelling ideas you can use.

1. Make a kitchen island

Ever heard of a kitchen island? Well, it is essentially a countertop – usually placed in the middle of the kitchen – designed to serve multiple purposes, from extra storage space to a casual seating area. It is also a stunning addition to your kitchen and provides a "wow" factor like no other.

Now, you could go two ways with the design. The contemporary route wherein the island has the same furnishings as the rest of your kitchen, or you could add a pop of colour to make it a sure-shot head-turner! Besides, nowadays, you can secure a loan at affordable personal loan interest rates to finance your remodel. So, why wait?

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2. Cabinets with contrasting colours

These days, chic coloured cabinets are all the rage in the kitchen décor segments. Especially the matte durable finish countertops that come with contrasting muted wood cabinets.

You can opt for a matte, coloured granite, or marble countertop against white oak cabinets. This combination checks all the boxes in style and benefits. The matte finish reduces smudging, while the coloured countertops pop amidst the muted cabinets, and the white oak reduces damage due to moisture.

Now, opting for a marble countertop can be hard on your budget. But, don't fret yet. You can easily get a personal loan for home renovations to finance these new additions. 

3. A tile backsplash

Well, you can’t stop your food from sputtering, but you can protect your wall and wood panels. Adding a backsplash that is easy to clean (or replace) and placed strategically can be a huge blessing. Need grime protection in style? A patterned tile backsplash does just this. These days you can also find funky-patterned, temporary ones to elevate your kitchen's style quotient.

4. A touch of metal

Whether your kitchen has a contemporary touch or a modern flair, metal accents blend in flawlessly either way. A stainless-steel sink and faucet can do wonders for your kitchen. Looks apart, stains, as well as unwanted corrosion, can be prevented easily. After all, this is one area that comes in contact with a variety of materials from milk to acid daily, and thus, needs better protection.

So, you see, there are multiple ways you can remodel your kitchen. But if a lack of funds is stopping you short, consider taking out a personal loan for home renovation so you're not overburdened.

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Final word

While remodelling your kitchen is a good way to optimise the available space and jazz up worn fixtures, costs can pile up after a point. If you can’t cover them, getting a loan from a trusted institution like Tata Capital can help.  Check out our competitive personal loan interest rates here.

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