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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Key Tips for Successful Home Renovations for a Row House

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Key Tips for Successful Home Renovations for a Row House

Key Tips for Successful Home Renovations for a Row House

In a sea of cramped apartments, a row house is a godsend. Especially for metropolitan dwellers who desire convenient and affordable living. This is because row houses share side walls and a roofline with neighbouring homes, which makes them structurally and spatially efficient. However, their tube-shaped space might make you feel like your house is small or a little outdated.

Thankfully, some smart renovation techniques can help you make the most out of the limited area. Have a look at these excellent row house design ideas for a successful renovation of your living space.

Go for open floor plans

A row home’s space is comparatively narrower than a conventional house. Creating an open floor plan is perhaps the most suitable way to make efficient use of space. This involves arranging your living room, dining room and kitchen on the same floor without many separations.

You can do away with excessive walls and isolated kitchens. Instead, sliding translucent panels, frosted glass, shoji screens, etc., can serve as viable alternatives to maintain privacy in different sections.

Install windows strategically

While planning your row house renovations, pay special attention to how you place windows. You must have the windows installed strategically to let natural light enter the living area easily. You can place windows and oversized glass openings on the elevations (both front and rear).

Another tip for bringing in light is by fitting a vertical light shaft and adding a skylight. An operable skylight can also help create a stack effect which facilitates natural ventilation.

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Revamp underutilised space

If you have a space that you hardly use for its expected purpose, try reconfiguring it.  You can remodel an underused porch, basement, closet, or garage to maximise your living space. For instance, if you have random nooks in your home, you can install cabinets and create extra storage space.

Build vertically

Since row houses are connected in rows, you have to plan the expansion vertically. You can add a rooftop deck or even build a third floor to add more space.

But irrespective of how you go about the process, you can easily finance your renovation project with a personal loan. You can also use a personal loan EMI calculator o mindfully plan your EMIs and tenure.

Use appropriate material

Certain types of materials and surfaces can help in spreading light throughout a row home. These include resin panels, stainless steel cables, glass flooring and staircases, steel surfaces, white ceramic tiles, etc.

So, choose finishes with more reflectivity and lighter colour tones. This will prevent the space from looking sombre by enabling light to distribute farther inside the house.

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