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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > How TATA Electric Vehicles can Drive EV Evolution in India

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How TATA Electric Vehicles can Drive EV Evolution in India

How TATA Electric Vehicles can Drive EV Evolution in India

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the market for electric vehicles in India. And, for good reasons! Besides being eco-friendly, EVs are also future-proof as they’re bundled with advanced tech, primed to be the future of the automobile industry.

While India’s EV evolution has been slower than most countries, Tata electric cars in Indiahave been a major catalyst. With a perfect blend of affordability and premium features, their EVs have become the industry frontrunner. Here’s why.

Maximum affordability with uncompromised tech

As mentioned above, Tata EVsare the most affordable EVs in the Indian EV segment.  Previously, the market was slacking behind due to costly models such as the MG ZS and Hyundai Kona. These were popular but too expensive to capture an expansive audience base, even though financing options like personal loan were readily available.

Apart from high prices, a low driving range was also a major dampener. For example, the Mahindra e20 Plus offered a range of 110-140 km only. There were hardly any affordable EVs supporting a decent driving range before the vehicle’s battery ran out.

However, Tata’s Nexon EV 2020 hits the sweet spot by offering a driving range of 312km (on a full charge) without costing a premium. It also features an IP67-certified battery pack, a Sport mode with speedy acceleration, and Tata’s proprietary ZConnect software to monitor charge levels, charging history, etc.

All this at an affordable starting price of Rs. 13.99 lakh (entry-level) is why Tata’s EVs took the Indian EV segment by storm!

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How Tata is currently driving the evolution of EVs in India

In August 2021, Tata unveiled the all-new Tigor EV for the personal segment. Ziptron lies at the heart of this EV, a state-of-the-art tech that offers a 55 kW peak power output, fast charging, and zippy acceleration.

The best part? The Tigor EV has an estimated price tag of Rs. 10 lakhs, which shows how Tata has the potential of making EVs mainstream in India. Unlike its competitors, the brand is launching one affordable EV after another, compelling Indian consumers to at least consider, if not purchase, electric vehicles. And why not? When advanced technology, comfort, and safety can be obtained at such an attractive cost, choosing the standard petrol/diesel cars is hardly a wise choice.

Moreover, since Tata’s EVs are affordable, you can also get a small loan, say personal finance, to complete the purchase without taking on hefty personal loan interest rates. This is another reason why Tata’s aim to mainstream EVs in India seems pretty attainable.

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In conclusion

Tata’s EVs are clearly a top choice if you’re searching for a budget-friendly EV. If all you need is a loan to make the purchase, come to Tata Capital. With our flexible personal loan eligibility terms and quick loan processing, you can secure the required funds in just a couple of hours. Now apply offline, online, or via WhatsApp based on convenience.

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