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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Festive Season Offers? Should You Go For it?

Personal Use Loan

Festive Season Offers? Should You Go For it?

Festive Season Offers? Should You Go For it?

The festive season is just around the corner and so is the opportunity to indulge in your most anticipated purchases of the year. Financial institutions are rolling out their most exciting offers simply to entice customers to see through these purchases — be it fresh furnishing, buying a car, getting a holiday loan, hosting a festive celebratory party, or more. It's commonplace for banks to waive off the processing on their Gold, Vehicle, Home, and Personal loans exactly for the same reasons. But are festivity offers worth going for a big budget purchase?

Festive Loan Features

A festive loan is essentially a variation of a personal loan - a form of unsecured debt from a financial institution that can be used for most big-budget purchases including funding your festivities. This makes personal loans one of the most convenient ways to fuel your celebrations. Here are some standout features of personal loans that make them a great option to consider. Some features of loans are as follows:

  • You can receive your personal loan amount as a lump sum pay-out making it a highly convenient and quick way to purchase any last-minute items. Be it a festive outfit, a new television, or traditional decor to furnish your home, you will have money in hand with a personal loan.
  • You can calculate personal loan EMIs before getting your loan so you know exactly how much debt you will owe your lender. Personal loans offer you the freedom to financially plan the amount but also the debt you will pay.
  • Beyond the feature to calculate personal loan EMIs, you can also pay off EMIs flexibly. You can opt for monthly, or even annual EMI payments, depending upon how flexible your lender is.
  • Your personal loan interest rates are applied to your payable amount annually giving you enough time to pay off your loan amount. The earlier you pay off your personal loan the less expensive the personal loan interest rate becomes for you.
  • Personal loans are structured such that you get a spending budget, making them a great option to prevent overspending. You have to ensure all your purchases fit within the loan amount you select.

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Should You Go For Festive Offers?

Should You Go For Festive Offers

Here are some reasons why you should go for festive offers.

  • You have a financial plan ready in place to pay off your personal loan. Whether you choose to take out a personal loan, vehicle loan, or holiday loan, you should be prepared on how you will pay back your EMIs, ideally as fast as possible. This way your loan will not become a financial burden for you to pay off throughout the year once the celebration is over. 
  • You boast a great CIBIL score which will allow you to avail of high loan amounts at cheaper EMIs from your loan provider. You also get negotiating power when you have a good CIBIL score so ensure you pop the question of whether you can adjust your personal loan interest rate with your loan provider. 
  • The offer is too hard to say no to. Perhaps it is a heavily discounted offer on appliances only and you were looking to buy a new refrigerator for your home. Or it could be a chance to win a decent amount of cashback. This way you are ensuring the offer is actually benefiting you more than the average person, and it makes going in for your purchase worth your time. 
  • The purchase is more of a necessity than a luxury for you. Although festivities are a time to indulge, some may find that they now have the option to buy some of the most essential items like a car due to the discounted prices and offers on loans. This way the purchase can be carried out at a much lower rate than it would outside of the festive season. 

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Festivities are a time like no other. Don’t let your finances hold you back from celebrating the festival of lights as brightly as you can. Consider Tata Capital’s Personal Loan to make your celebration even more exciting. Tata Capital’s Personal Loan offers seamless processing, instant disbursal, easy EMIs, and flexible repayment tenures. 

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