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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > CRIF Highmark Score – Meaning, Full Form, Range & How To Apply?

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CRIF Highmark Score – Meaning, Full Form, Range & How To Apply?

CRIF Highmark Score – Meaning, Full Form, Range & How To Apply?

What is CRIF's full form?

The Center for Research in International Finance is the full form of CRIF, a credit rating agency established in 2007. Based in Mumbai, this is one of the biggest credit rating agencies in India out of the seven credit ratings present in India.

What is CRIF?

CRIF is an entity that was based in Europe and India, primarily where INDIA, RBI provided the license to operate in 2010. 

In 2014, CRIF acquired the major stake of the High Mark company, and the same came to be known as CRIF's high mark after that. CRIF High Mark does the credit rating for individuals, companies, and entities. They are mainly in Commercial, Retail, Agri, and Microfinance portfolios.

What is Highmark Credit Score?

As per all the credit rating agencies, even CRIF high mark score ranges from 300-900 where the scores are divided into 300-500 which is termed as a low score, while the 500-650 which is medium, 650-750 which is good and 750-900 which is excellent. 

Where above 650 up to 900, the score means that the person has excellent financial credibility and lower risk while a lower score means that the person has low financial credibility and higher risk. 

These Highmark credit scores are calculated based on various aspects such as 

  • The number of times one person has applied for a loan
  • The existing outstanding debt of the person
  • The repayment history of the person
  • The debt-to-income ratio
  • Credit utilisation ratio
  • Credit mix

These scores are beneficial for the following purposes -

  • Applying for loan
  • For visa purposes
  • For microfinance
  • For Commercial score 
  • For Anti-Fraud Services 
  • For Analytics and Scorecard 
  • For cheaper interest rates

One can apply for this CRIF score in the following manner

Visit the CRIF Portal

You will see a “Get Your Score Now” button. Click on it.

Step 1 - One needs to fill in their initial details such as KYC, and address proof. Register your email id. Then you have to fill out a form that has the details of your full name, date of birth, mobile number, address, etc. 

Step 2 - Select the type of report you want such as,

Free credit report - As per the government regulation, a person or entity is allowed to view and get a single annual report in a year by any credit rating agency.

Paid credit report - If you want multiple reports in a year, one has to get a paid subscription plan which is available for 1 year, 6 months, or one time. This is mostly used by people who want to increase their scores. 

Step 3 - Once you complete the procedure, you need to provide the other aspects of the report which can be linked to a credit card, a number of accounts, etc after which you will be provided with the report. 

How can one improve their CRIF score?

1) Always pay the pending dues - Regarding loan repayments, credit card repayments, and EMIs, one needs to pay every due in a timely manner. 

2) Pay your bills on time: Pay all of your bills on time. When you use your credit card, make sure you pay the full or maximum amount you can afford for that month, not just the minimum amount required to continue using it.

3) Reduce your credit card usage: Having no more than three credit cards at once is a better way to increase your credit limit while decreasing your spend ratio.

4) Use your credit card wisely: It is a good practice to use your credit card with the rule of thumb of spending no more than 30-35 percent of your credit limit.

5) The old is gold: Do not rush to delete your records from the accounts once you have paid your dues in full because a track record of paying EMIs on time boosts your credit score.

6) Limit your loan applications: do not rush to reapply with another bank because they will be able to see your previous bank's rejection. This could further damage your credit score and make matters worse.

7) Be cautious with inquiries: You don't want to appear to be constantly seeking excessive credit, so apply for new credit with caution.

8) Keep Track of Your Score: Checking your credit score on a regular basis is a good and risk-free practice. It allows you to keep track of your financial health and devise appropriate measures to improve it. 

By using CRIF services, you can check your credit score for free and obtain a detailed report.

CRIF Complaint Portal

To file a complaint one needs to have a reference number that is mentioned in the report provided to you by CRIF which also contains one's score. The reference number will be in the form of Ref #: in the report placed on the top right corner.

With this reference number, one can lodge a complaint to either or call them at the number 020 67157709/42/71/79/80), also while filing the complaint, keep these details handy, such as serial number, account information and one's KYC details

After lodging a complaint, one will receive a ticket number as the reference for the complaint which will be resolved within 30 days of receipt. 

One can understand the outcome of the complaint and if agreed, CRIF will close the ticket number and mark the complaint as resolved.


CRIF High Mark credit scores are beneficial to understanding the creditworthiness of the person or an entity after which they can proceed for loans or any other aspect. To know more about CRIF one can visit the website Tata Capital.

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