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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Business Travel Post-Pandemic: Follow the Guidelines for Safety

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Business Travel Post-Pandemic: Follow the Guidelines for Safety

Business Travel Post-Pandemic: Follow the Guidelines for Safety

The world is slowly coming back upon its feet in the new normal and so are businesses. Some of us don’t have the luxury to keep working from home constantly. For professionals who lived out of suitcases and airport lounges, things could be about to return to normal soon. But it’s a new normal. You are going to think twice before taking a personal loan for travel with the shape of your finances, and additionally with the health risks involved in travelling.

Some countries have started opening up their travel routes. Businesspersons are looking at restarting essential trips. Airlines will soon offer discounts and add-on benefits to retain customers. Whether you missed it or not, business travel is going to be back sooner or later. Before you jump to your plans and forecasting adventures, let’s have a look at the essentials for post pandemic travel.

Post-pandemic travel guidelines, tips and tricks for business travellers

New business travel policy

Everything about business trips will have to be assessed in a different way now. Make sure that your company considers the rules and guidelines of the country or state you’re planning to travel to. Even if the country has lifted travel restrictions, health risks might persist. It will be crucial to take extra measures for employee health. Travel managers must include these factors in their plans.

Awareness of safety protocols, hygiene, safer booking processes, self check-ins, health check-ups et al should be a primary concern. These measures, in fact, should be kept in mind even if you’re out for that long-awaited personal trip.

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Constant communication

Employees must keep their bosses informed about their health and whereabouts during business travel. Employers must know where their team is at all times, so that they can be promptly available for help if needed in case of medical emergencies. Regular two-way communication with internal teams and the hosting company will prove to be really healthy for both business and safety matters.

Budgeting revamp

Companies across the world have probably never realised how many trips could’ve actually been video calls before the pandemic. Going forward, international trips are surely set to reduce with depleting finances and the increasing reliance on digital conferencing. This also means that you should focus on getting maximum benefit out of each trip made by employees.

Tighter health and safety measures

If your post-pandemic travel trips include business travel, it would be prudent to ask your company for medical insurance, all the necessary checkups, and access to medical assistance in the city you’re visiting. Ensure that they’re using digital ticketing and payment methods in order to minimize social contact.

The bare essentials

You know what these are. Masks, hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, essential medicines, disposable sheets to avoid sitting on surfaces in public places, tissue papers, etc. must always be a part of the bag you’re carrying, not your check-in luggage. Additionally, avoid touching any surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, windows unless really required.

Social distancing

Remember to be on time for your flight, bus, train, etc. Being too early or too late puts you at risk of unnecessary exposure and crowds, both of which you want to avoid especially around travellers. You as well as your fellow travellers should be at unease. Following timetables stringently will turn out well for your work life discipline too!

For the bleisure traveller

If you were more of a business+leisure traveller, your company probably won’t support the leisure part anymore. Blame it on monetary cuts, tighter schedules, shorter trips, stricter protocols, etc. Don’t worry, you can always take your own exclusive leisure trip.

With a personal loan for travel from Tata Capital, you can enjoy interest rates starting at 10.99 % and tenure up to 72 months. It involves a flexible and quick process which means that you can also fund emergency and spontaneous trips.

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Even if you weren’t a huge fan of business trips and hotels, you probably miss getting out now. Don’t let the excitement get the better of you. Ensure that you’re checking and double-checking for all safety protocols well in advance. If they’re not in place, it surely won’t be a trip worth taking.

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