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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Bridesmaid Gifts That Are Worth Gifting in 2023

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Bridesmaid Gifts That Are Worth Gifting in 2023

Bridesmaid Gifts That Are Worth Gifting in 2023

Behind every beautiful bride are the steadfast bridesmaids who have been there through the chaotic whirlwind of wedding planning. These wonderful women deserve something as unique and meaningful as your bond.

So before you prepare to say 'I do' to your lifelong partner, it's important to consider how you will say 'thank you' to these amazing women. How about complementing your heartfelt gratitude with some thoughtful gifts?

From personalised keepsakes to luxurious pampering products, we have listed some of the best bridesmaid gifts that combine sentimentality with elegance.

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are undoubtedly one of the best bridesmaid gifts available on the market. This elegant gift choice is known for its pleasant aroma and the ability to create an ambience of relaxation and tranquillity.

These candles come in a variety of fragrances, each with its own functionality. For instance, lavender-scented candles are popular for calming nerves, whereas peppermint and lemon can boost productivity. Based on these capabilities, you can curate a specific fragrance for each of your bridesmaids.

To make things even more special, you can write a heartfelt note that will accompany this bridesmaid gift box. An individual thank you note has way more of an impact than you may think.

2. Photo Album

While this suggestion may sound plain at first glance, it is a unique bridesmaid gift that packs quite a punch. A specially designed photo album consisting of all the incredible moments you shared with your bridesmaids will be a tearjerker for you, and also them.

Picture this– the album will contain every amazing memory that you shared with your squad over the years. From your first girls-only trip to the exciting moments during the bridal showers, the album will be a well-constructed compilation of all those ‘just us’ moments.

This album is not just a bunch of photos slapped together; it is a storybook of your unbreakable friendship that your bridesmaid will keep as a memento for years to come.

3. Personalised Outfits

Personalised gifts have recently garnered immense popularity– and rightfully so. While standard robes and dresses serve the purpose, they still seem somewhat lacklustre. Adding something as little as their initials can immediately make the outfits ten times better.

You can construct different outfits for each of your bridesmaids, keeping in mind their style and aesthetics. Other than that, you can even stitch a single-style outfit with everyone’s initial stitched on their apparel.

These outfits can be used on the wedding day, creating a uniform and stylish look for the bridal party. But even later on, these personalized garments can serve as cosy reminders of the special day that all of you shared.

4. Elegant Jewellery

Jewellery as a bridesmaid gift is a classic choice that exudes elegance and thoughtfulness. This timeless piece can be a sparkly way to convey your gratitude– making it one of the best bridesmaid gifts over the centuries.

The jewellery piece that you choose should not only add a dash of glam to their outfits on your big day but also become their go-to accessory later on. The current trends are leaning towards pearls, with brooches and collar necklaces being one of the hottest jewellery designs. So, before you go ahead with the purchase, ensure that your selection of jewellery matches their style and current trends.

The best part– these pieces of jewellery will usually exceed the lifespan of most other bridesmaid gifts. Even ten or twenty years down the line, this present of yours will still shine brightly, reminding your friends of the bond you share.

5. Subscription or Membership

If classic gift choices are not your style, how about opting for a contemporary and unique bridesmaid gift idea? Gifting subscriptions to certain services or membership to a facility is a modern approach to show that you care.

It is like a gift that keeps going for months on end. You can gift Netflix or Hulu subscriptions to that movie buff or a membership to the local wine club to the wine connoisseur of your bridesmaid squad. This kind of bridesmaid gift shows your thoughtfulness and an understanding of their choices.

With subscriptions, you are not just giving a one-off present; instead, you are spicing up their routine with something they truly love.

6. Spa and Beauty Treatment Vouchers

We all agree that being a bridesmaid is not an easy task. This squad of women had to spend the last few days battling the chaos of wedding preparations. Now that the wedding has gone without a hitch, it is your turn to return the favour.

How about spoiling them with some spa and beauty treatment vouchers? After all the hustle they went through for these few days, this bridesmaid gift will be your way of telling them to take a well-earned breather. A pamper session filled with a soothing massage, aromatherapy, and revitalizing facials will surely rejuvenate their body and soul.

4. Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Hamper

Unable to decide which gift to go ahead with? Try gifting everyone a hamper filled with multiple mini-gifts instead. This simple idea has been all the rage as of late.

While you could opt for the same set for everyone, tailoring a unique bridesmaid box for each friend shows your appreciation. Think of that one friend who likes to read: gift them that specific book they wanted, a shiny new pair of glasses, and an elegant coffee mug to enjoy a warm drink during her reading session.

A hamper with these thoughtful, little treasures is sure to be a hit – it's the effort and personal touch that counts.

To Sum Up

Your bridesmaids have been supporting you not only in your wedding preparations but also in various other tests of life. Ensure that the gift you choose resonates with their needs and personalities. After all, these presents are meant to convey a simple message– a thank you for everything they have done for you.

The costs of these bridesmaid boxes, along with the overall wedding expenses, will surely take a toll on your wallet. Instead of blowing out your savings completely, apply for a personal loan for marriage with Tata Capital.

Tata Capital’s marriage loans can fetch you funds up to Rs. 35 lakhs with minimal documentation and at a competitive interest rate. Visit our website to know more.

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