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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Can Personal Loans be the Right Choice for Travelling in Twenties, Thirties and Forties?

Personal Use Loan

Can Personal Loans be the Right Choice for Travelling in Twenties, Thirties and Forties?

Can Personal Loans be the Right Choice for Travelling in Twenties, Thirties and Forties?

Shaina’s 40th birthday was approaching, and her husband, Rohit, wanted to do something special. He wanted to recreate her 25th birthday, when she travelled to Paris. After all, it was on that trip that the two met. Rohit wanted everything to be exactly like the last time. He wanted to book the same hotel and go to the same clubs. He even wanted the same tour itinerary. But while executing the plan, Rohit realised that it was all a bit farfetched. Both of their preferences had changed over the last few years. They were no longer the loud, party people that they used to be. They were now peace-loving, quiet travellers.

Your travel preferences change as you age. And with those changing preferences, your financial requirements change too.

Travelling in your 20s

Travelling in your twenties is a fun experience. You have very few responsibilities, your body is at its fittest, and you are always ready to explore. Travellers in their twenties are adventurous and do not care for much sleep. They can travel in buses all night and still be as fresh as a flower the following day. Accommodation could be as simple as a hostel or beach shack, and it would still be considered a great experience. Indeed, a trip in your twenties means you can have enjoyable trips without burning a hole in your pocket. More importantly, you do not need a big personal loan to make trips fun.

Travelling in your 30s

Reaching the big three-O most likely means you already have settled into a job, and perhaps are even married by now. So, taking a trip may not be a spontaneous decision anymore. You have to apply for leave and make arrangements for the household chores. You may also have to take care of other matters before embarking on your journey. By your thirties, you become more responsible and organised. You prefer booking hotels beforehand and making proper travel arrangements. You have a clear-cut trip schedule, and this obviously costs a lot of money. But you are in a financially better position than you were in the last decade. You are also capable of taking a personal loan to travel comfortably in your thirties.

Travelling in your 40s

By the time you hit 40, you have mellowed down considerably. You mostly prefer travelling with your spouse and your young children. You want a relaxing holiday that is safe and comfortable. Party hostels are now a thing of the past because you probably do not want to take any risks. You like travelling in style, and make all the necessary arrangements and bookings beforehand. Tour guides or book guided tours are more appealing to you. In some cases, stepping inside museums also becomes good plan. People in their forties are quite comfortable with taking personal loans to travel, as it makes long family holidays more affordable and makes way for more luxurious travel.

Summing up

Your travel styles and preferences may undergo a drastic change as you age. But some things should never change. Always travel with enough money at your disposal. If you take a personal loan to travel, make sure you repay it diligently. Personal loan are helpful when taking a holiday. But remember to take a loan that is not burdensome. This will ensure you have a pleasant journey, no matter how old you are.