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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Loan for Wedding

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Who hasn't dreamt of having a fancy destination wedding? If you are tying the knot, where to get married may be your biggest concern right now. You’ll be happy to know that destination weddings are a genuinely viable option. And here are some reasons why you must consider a destination wedding:

1. You can pick your dream destination

Pick the dream destination you've always wanted to go with your partner—a place that means something special to the two of you. Who likes cramped and congested wedding halls anyway? Make your wedding memorable with a place of your choice, and avail of a simple personal loan to take your mind off the cost worries.

2. You control your guest list

A typical wedding is a day you share with all the people you love and all the people you have to invite out of obligation. The inherent nature of a destination wedding gives you leverage over your own guest list. You don't have short meaningless pleasantries with a million people over a day; instead you get a chance to truly interact with all your loved ones over a longer period of time. Plan a destination wedding and spend some quality time with your loved ones!

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3. They're cost effective

This one is not a joke. A normal wedding, with all the unnecessary fluff attached to it, may end up costing much more especially when you consider the high prices of venues, decorations, and food in the city you live in. Booking even a halfway decent venue in a metropolitan city might end up costing about the same as your whole destination wedding at a small beach or a hill station. Weddings in some of the more popular destinations are cost effective with multiple packages to choose from. Availing of a wedding loan will keep you away from the immediate financial burden so that you may enjoy your special day in complete peace.

4. It can double as a vacation

Your wedding may double as a vacation for all your close friends and family. Most hotels negotiate when you stay with a large group. Additional bonus-you may even start your honeymoon early. You may pick a perfect place and carry forward the excitement of your wedding to your honeymoon!

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5. It is memorable

Your wedding will definitely be memorable for you no matter how you choose to get married. However, you and your guests will part with fond memories if you choose to opt for a destination wedding. Your wedding will be unique and out of the ordinary.

As the idea of destination weddings is getting more acceptable, some popular places offer packages for a perfect wedding at a variety of rates. You may choose the package you like the most or even plan your own wedding. With multiple packages, and marriage loan options to choose from; your destination wedding is no more a faraway dream. Go ahead and plan your dream wedding stress-free!

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