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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Things You Should Know on How to Save Money on Indian Weddings

Loan for Wedding

Things You Should Know on How to Save Money on Indian Weddings

Things You Should Know on How to Save Money on Indian Weddings

Weddings are a grand affair in India and we sure know how to do it right. From lavish décor and delicious food to royal outfits and magnificent arrangements, who wouldn’t love to have a big fat Indian wedding?

While it is definitely an occasion to splurge on, your budget can quickly go out of hand if not mapped out correctly. And it doesn’t help that a typical Indian wedding can be a week-long extravaganza. However, whether you have opted for a marriage loan or planning to dip into your savings, you can easily plan a memorable wedding even on a budget!

Here are a fewmoney-saving tips during weddingto help you plan your special day.

1. DIY décor

Over-the-top decorations and beautiful flower arrangements are the main attraction of any Indian wedding. But they can also add up to your costs quickly. So, consider renting props from décor companies and buying flowers from wholesalers. Or for events you are hosting at home, you can assemble DIY décor, use artificial flowers, or even reuse any decorations.

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2. Digital invites

When the world has gone digital, then why stick to handing out printed invitations? Why not send out digital invitations that are less expensive and are also environment-friendly alternatives. Or better yet, you can even create a wedding website alongside. You can easily include all the details such as venue, directions, accommodation, menu, and more. And the best part? You get to use your creativity and it won’t cost you a thing!

3. Hire a wedding organiser

Believe it or not, hiring a wedding planner will get you closer to a cost-effective wedding. While it may seem like an expensive decision, wedding planners can help you work within your budget. They will negotiate with the suppliers, create schedules, handle the arrangements, and ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, if you still find yourself going over budget, you can easily apply for a loan at affordable personal loan interest rates to plan your fairy-tale wedding.

4. Book a single venue

Planning a traditional wedding with countless pre-wedding ceremonies? Consider booking a single venue for your week-long festivities. This will help you save on transportation costs and you can even negotiate with the organiser for better deals.

Additionally, if it is feasible, you can even host your pre-wedding rituals at home with just your few close friends and relatives. You won’t have to worry about hefty rent and easily go for a cost-efficient Indian wedding.

5. Wedding shopping

Have your eyes set on that stunning designer lehenga? Or drooling over that handsome but expensive sherwani? However, designer outfits and jewellery can easily break your budget. So why not source that beautiful dress to a local designer? Since you have several wedding events and need new outfits and accessories for each of them, arranging a local designer or renting jewellery can help you avoid extra costs.

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Final thoughts

Looking for financial assistance to plan your dream wedding? Your search ends here with Tata Capital! With us, you can opt for a multi-purpose personal loan through a simple application process. Enjoy a flexible repayment tenure, overdraft facility, and quick approval.

Check out our personal loan EMI calculator and settle on a comfortable repayment plan for yourself. Contact us to know more!

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