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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > The Main Functions in Any Indian Wedding

Loan for Wedding

The Main Functions in Any Indian Wedding

The Main Functions in Any Indian Wedding

Weddings are usually a grand celebration. But when you come to India, they are even grander. There are many functions and ceremonies that are celebrated during an Indian wedding and they are all different owing to India’s religious diversity.

As inflation is constantly on the rise, everything is becoming increasingly expensive. However, there are still events to be celebrated. Especially in India, where there are many religions and every religion has its own rich history and stories. There are a variety of occasions to be celebrated. To finance these celebrations you may avail a personal loan.  

While there may be different ceremonies followed, following are the main functions of any Indian wedding:

  • Pre-wedding party

A pre-wedding as the name suggests is a party that happens before the actual wedding. This is a relatively informal celebration where the friends and family mingle and enjoy themselves. This occasion may even be celebrated as a dance party. There might be some musical or dance performances from the attendees like the friends and family of the future couple. Avoid worrying about the cost and avail of a marriage loan to ensure that both you and your guests are able to enjoy the party thoroughly.

  • Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the most important of all the functions. On this day, the couple actually ties the knot by observing the various traditions followed by them. Depending on your belief, the actual ceremony will differ on the basis of religious practices. The wedding ceremony is usually a long ceremony and it becomes quite expensive as there are many customs to consider. It is attended by the close family and friends of the couple. Planning for the wedding is necessary as there are many things like wedding expenses to be taken care of.

  • Reception

The reception is a formal gathering where the married couple receives gifts and blessings from the guests. Reception may be held on the same day as the wedding, or on another day. The reception is usually a larger gathering of people, where you may invite your extended family and friends. To help in financing the reception, you may avail of a wedding loan.

Marriage is a union of two people and the next chapter in your life. The memories made during your wedding celebrations will last a lifetime. After the wedding comes the honeymoon, where you and your partner will spend time together as a married couple. To ensure that your honeymoon is perfect, you may avail of a personal loan. By availing of easy finance options, you can make all your dreams come true. The best thing about loans is that you won't have to worry about making a lump sum payment. You will have to repay in installments which will considerably lessen the burden on your finances.

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