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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Post-Pandemic Weddings: Safety Measures to Take

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Post-Pandemic Weddings: Safety Measures to Take

Post-Pandemic Weddings: Safety Measures to Take

It might not be the very first question that pops up in most minds, but it’s a crucial question for Indians. How will we hold weddings after the lockdown? Weddings are the biggest and most important social events in Indian culture, which is why a lot of weddings have been happening even throughout the pandemic with masks and safety measures.

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If you have your own or someone else’s wedding to plan in the near future, there’s much more to think about than your wedding loan or honeymoon bills. The entire manner in which people get married is set to change. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind for planning a post-pandemic wedding.

Large, open-air venues

Avoiding overcrowding and ensuring social distancing will be much easier with open air venues like lawns and sports grounds. Ideally, the venue should be filled at 50% capacity to ensure that there is enough distance between seats and tables. Every guest must be checked for temperature, health status, masks, and protective gear before entering. A thermal screening area would also be a good idea. Even if the venue is indoors, ventilation and social distancing need to be given special attention.

Sanitized furniture and furnishing

Ensure that the venue management team cleans and sanitizes the entire venue, chairs, tables, and furnishing on the day before the wedding and at the end of each day’s event. The process should include cleaning, washing, and M.A.D (Microbial Aerial Disinfection) to ensure safety at weddings.

Food safety

All ingredients and vegetables that are used for making the food must be washed and cleaned properly. Chefs and cooks must be healthy and sanitized when they arrive at the kitchen. The kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly cleaned before and after cooking.

Instead of a crowd-pulling buffet, opt for socially distanced table arrangements for your post-pandemic wedding. Even if you want to stick to the buffet style, you will have to make arrangements for social distancing between people standing in lines. The ideal distance between two people should be six feet.

Post Pandemic Weddings

Handwashing and sanitization

All management staff must be equipped with hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks for safety at weddings. There should be sanitizers available at multiple areas across the venue, and handwashing stations at the beginning and end of the dining area.

Safety standards for support staff

Firstly, the number of support staff members should be kept to a minimum. There should only be an essential number of makeup artists, photographers, event planners, etc. present at any point of time. Each one of these should be equipped with a sanitization kit at all times.

Stairs and elevators

If it’s a multi-storey venue, it must be ensured that only two people take the elevator at once. Otherwise, queueing up with a safe distance on the staircase can also be managed to maintain safety at weddings.

A post-pandemic guest list

This list will most likely not feature people living in containment zones, high-alert zones, senior citizens with severe health issues, and pregnant women. These and guests who stay far away can all be a part of the post-pandemic wedding via video conferencing.

Lesser hugs, lesser photo-ops

Yes, you read it right. An Indian wedding, or any wedding for that matter, cannot be imagined without these essential displays of affection. However, we have all gotten used to social distancing and contactless interactions. It will only be in the best interests of everyone to avoid personal gift exchanges or crowded photo-ops.

Guideline displays

Make sure that all the safety guidelines are printed and displayed at different areas in order to remind guests, family, and staff to follow protocol. Since a wedding is an overwhelming event and guests might forget protocol amidst the cheer and the frenzy, these reminders are essential.

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It seems odd to imagine a wedding full of decked-up, mask-clad guests, but it’s the new normal. All safety and health measures assured, the Indian wedding will never lose its flavor, charm, and colors. After all, it’s the most important day in your life.

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