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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Best Wedding Venues in Jaipur: Tie The Knot The Royal Style In 2022

Loan for Wedding

Best Wedding Venues in Jaipur: Tie The Knot The Royal Style In 2022

Best Wedding Venues in Jaipur: Tie The Knot The Royal Style In 2022

In India, a wedding is not only a legal communion but an event that is celebrated with grandeur. In a typical Indian marriage, two people join together with their families, and the festivities gather relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours to join in the jubilant celebrations. The celebrations can last for days, with different rituals, music, celebrations, parties, and gatherings planned with various themes.

In the past, arranging a wedding meant months of planning, booking a venue, and making arrangements for decor, food, music, lighting, and vendors. Immediate family members rarely had a chance to actually enjoy the celebrations as they would be busy running around managing the event. Things have, however, changed over the years. Weddings are no more about event planning but rather events for each member to enjoy and cherish.

In recent years, destination weddings have emerged as a popular way to arrange a memorable wedding at a beautiful location. The advantage of a destination wedding is that the venue, arrangements, food, and decor are taken care of by the event manager. While overseas destinations are indeed popular, there are locations within India that are ideal for a destination wedding. Jaipur is one such destination, recognised worldwide for its royal palaces and grandeur. While the city hosts many celebrity destination weddings, there are definitely wedding places in Jaipur to suit every budget.

Let's take a look at some of the best venues for destination weddings in Jaipur.

Rambagh Palace

Located outside the bustling city limits, Rambagh Palace is the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. It was built in the 18th century and served as a hunting lodge in the middle of the forest for the royals. Later on, it was designed and converted to serve as a royal residence. The property is now a five-star hotel managed by the Taj Group.

Rambagh Palace is a top wedding venue in Jaipur, hosting international names like Kate Perry. It has also been used as a backdrop in blockbuster Yash Raj films. The palace is ideal if you're looking for a sublime and classy destination wedding in Jaipur, with a tinge of yesteryear royal grandeur.

Rambagh Palace has 10 separate venues for pre-wedding festivities and wedding functions. The key attraction here is a regal hall known as Jaigarh Hall, which has a seating capacity of 300. It is the largest indoor hall available in the palace. Beautiful sprawling gardens bloom in different areas of the property, each with a seating capacity from 200 to 2,000 guests. Two terrace venues offer exquisite views for all-night festivities under the stars. Overall, Rambagh Palace is ideal for families willing to spend for an elegant regal wedding and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests. It is a prominent destination wedding palace in Jaipur.

Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace is one of the most authentic heritage venues for palace weddings in Jaipur. Located outside Jaipur in a village called Chomu, this palace exudes royal Rajput elegance and splendour. Chomu Palace was restored to its original state years ago. One can touch and feel history, royalty and opulence in its fine architecture.

Chomu Palace can host up to 1,000 guests at different locations for different functions. Manohar Garden is one such location; with a sprawling lush lawn, the garden showcases ornate fountains and the original waterway of the palace. Meanwhile, another location, Sheesh Mahal, is decorated with beautiful mirrorwork, while Moti Mahal, Darbar Hall, and the courtyards feature hand-painted artwork from the royal era.

Raj Palace

Raj Palace is a renowned heritage hotel not just in India but worldwide. It is a 250-year-old palace restored and recreated in its original glory, and a part of the palace still serves as the residence of the royal descendants. The hotel features a museum with ancient artefacts that display the glorious history of Rajasthan.

Raj Palace is a fantastic venue in which to say your vows against a backdrop of historic architecture and aristocratic heritage. A unique factor at weddings that take place in the hotel is the special procession of elephants, horses, dancers and music that recreates a traditional Rajasthani royal wedding. This is an authentic experience for families and guests that will be cherished forever. The bride and groom are treated no less than a royal couple in this exquisite award-winning destination wedding venue in Jaipur.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace is located in the rustic village of Chomu, located about 40km from Jaipur. The palace is more than 400 years old and famous for the beautiful carvings and murals from its glorious past. The wedding venue provides an authentic experience of a fortress in the middle of a rural setting, perfect for an exclusive wedding ceremony in a regal setting.

Along with rich architectural beauty, Samode Palace offers the ultimate luxurious stay for every guest, complete with four-poster carved beds, silk curtains and rich upholstery. The hotel has three levels and offers breathtaking views of the Aravalli hills and nearby villages. Samode Palace is ideal for couples looking for a wedding place in Jaipur steeped in history and luxury.

Alsisar Haveli

Located in the middle of the city, Alsisar Haveli is a beautiful royal residence of the Rajput’s, redesigned and recreated to retain its original glory. Known for its exquisite and stunning courtyard with canopied pillars, the venue is ideal for an intimate palace wedding in Jaipur attended by family and friends.

The majestic Rajput architecture in the palace leaves guests spellbound with its alluring charm. There are different sections in the haveli, each suited for different wedding functions. Exquisite fountains, manicured lawns, and aristocratic furniture all blend to create an outstanding venue for a palace destination wedding in Jaipur.

Gold Palace

Located on the outskirts of Jaipur, the Gold Palace is spread across a vast area, so space is not a limitation. The venue is perfect for grand, opulent weddings, and the verdant sprawling gardens can host multiple functions. The banquet halls can seat around 6,000 guests at a time. There are 70 well-appointed spacious rooms and indoor as well as outdoor arenas for an opulent wedding. The setting and vistas will surely transport the bride and groom into the medieval era of kings and queens in their palatial abodes.

Shiv Vilas

Shiv Vilas is a budget-friendly destination wedding venue in Jaipur, located on the Jaipur Delhi highway. The hotel is designed like a palace, perfect for families looking for a pocket-friendly, yet royal-looking venue in the heritage city of Jaipur. The hotel’s architecture blends Rajput, Victorian, and Mughal designs in white marble and red sandstone. The atrium greets visitors with a splendid and mesmerizing facade. At night, the hotel is completely illuminated by light, which creates a sight to behold when contrasted against the bustle and fervent colors of an Indian wedding.


Jaipur is an exotic destination wedding location in India, with a blend of vintage culture and modern luxuries. Not just Indians but even foreigners prefer Jaipur to host a palace wedding. This article lists the best wedding destinations in Jaipur for couples looking to tie the knot in a non-traditional way.

Heritage destination weddings may seem heavy on the pocket, but different options are available to suit every budget. Financing options are available for those looking for loans to fund their dream wedding. If budget is a constraint, worry not! Tata Capital offers wedding loans at attractive interest rates, which can be repaid over a flexible tenure.

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