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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Women, Zipping through the City on Your Own Scooter

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Women, Zipping through the City on Your Own Scooter

Women, Zipping through the City on Your Own Scooter

For Sakshi Malhotra, a typical day winds through 50 km of the urban jungle. The 22-year-old programmer in a Delhi computer firm sets off from Mayur Vihar at 9 am, to Connaught Place, 12 km away. Before returning at 7 pm, she would have travelled another 20 km to meet clients. In the evening, she's off again to an MBA course at an evening college.

Imagine using the public transport system, the metro, the bus or the autorickshaw, for this kind of commute every day. It is a cumbersome thought isn’t it, just thinking about how to manage this. But Sakshi doesn’t do this every day.

All this is easily possible for Sakshi because one year ago she took a two-wheeler loan that made her life simpler and easier. Thanks to the two wheeler loan, she is able to commute extremely easily without the hassle of changing the mode of transportation.  But it was not that easy for her to buy herself a two-wheeler. Her initial concern was, of course, money. Being a working professional she did not want to dip in her saving and buy herself a scooter, which, at one point, she considered a luxury item. However, because of the daily rigmarole of travelling and the adamant autorickshaw drivers, she decided that the best thing to do would be to buy herself a scooter.

Sakshi is not the only one who goes through the rigmarole of travelling. She is among the thousands of women who get refused by auto drivers, miss buses or are squished in overcrowded trains. This is a common problem and not just pertinent to working women. College students and housewives also face the same issues when it comes to travel; be it late evening classes or running continuous errands.

But like Sakshi, money is also a concern for them. While Sakshi could avail a two wheeler loan, most women are not sure how the concept of the loan works and if it is a viable option for them.

At Tata Capital, we believe that availing a loan for something that can make your life easier should not be avoided. That is why we have created an easy online process for any woman who wants to but herself a two-wheeler.

The process is simple. It includes precise documentation and details through which you can apply for two-wheelers online. Documentation includes your ID proof, address proof, income proof, and bank statements. You can get all the information including the list of documentation on the Tata Capital website.

At Tata Capital, we have two wheeler loans at a very cost-effective interest rate of only 10.75 per cent per annum. You can avail a minimum of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 40 lakh.  If you want to know more or need to apply for two wheeler loan, apply for two wheeler loan.

The best part about availing a two-wheeler loan at Tata Capital is that we can finance up to 100 per cent of the cost of the scooter. Besides, you can choose a tenure of your choice, right from six months to 60 months. Once the two-wheeler loan is approved, it takes a day or two for the loan to get processed. The processing fee is also minimum.

A scooter can actually be a boon to women who travel late at night from work or need to continuously go out of their homes or offices to run errands and get things done. A two-wheeler loan can be the answer to all the travel issues.

Life may not be easy but there are always ways and means to make them. A two-wheeler loan for a scooter can be the answer to that.