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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Why It Is Okay To Use Synthetic Oil in Older Cars?

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Why It Is Okay To Use Synthetic Oil in Older Cars?

Why It Is Okay To Use Synthetic Oil in Older Cars?

When people buy second-hand cars, they think they have to be extra cautious and follow multiple dos and don’ts specifically spelled out for used cars. The first step is to thoroughly scour all the possible sources and dealers to buy a used car in good conditions. If you’ve purchased your second-hand car from a reputed source, be assured that while it may not be similar to a fresh-from-the-showroom car, it’s still in top condition.

One of the myths that you often hear in the automobile world is that synthetic oils and used cars don’t go together. Synthetic oils have earned a bad rep because people are still unsure of its benefits. The truth is, not only does it have the upper hand than its traditional counterpart, but it is also preferred than conventional oil in high-performance cars.

Before we get into highlighting why it is okay to use synthetic oil in used cars, let’s look at what exactly classifies as synthetic oil.

What is synthetic oil?

Traditional car oil is refined crude oil with added ingredients that have been thinned to meet the set parameters. Synthetic oils are an extract of conventional oil that has been further refined and treated.

Primary Benefits

Better cleaning properties

Synthetic oils are known to have superior cleaning properties than traditional oils. This means that it works better at cleaning residues that may otherwise block the engine passage. Given how synthetic oils work well in every temperature, it warms up even during shorter trips to burn off impurities and condensed moisture.

Longer life

Synthetic oils last longer than traditional oils, as they are much harder and don’t break down easily. This means that you do not have to spend on oil changes as frequently as you would have to with traditional oil.

Using synthetic oils in used cars

The key reason why experts have advised against the use of synthetic oils in used cars is because of the combination of organic compounds and alcohol called esters. Esters may have a negative impact on the engine seals, possibly leading to higher wear and tear. Used cars, particularly may not have seals, plugs, and gaskets that are as tight as they are in new cars. Therefore, synthetic oils can create a greater negative impact on them.

If you get the car parts checked by a mechanic and get the go-ahead, using synthetic oils can actually work in favor of your second-hand car. There may be accumulated sludge deposit hindering the functioning of the engine. Since synthetic oils burn faster and have superior cleaning properties, it can help to get rid of the sludge, improving the health of the engine.

To be on the safe side, get your second-hand car inspected by a mechanic before switching to synthetic oil. If you’re looking to buy used cars without spending a lot of money, opting for Tata Capital used car loan will give you the freedom to bring home a four-wheeler without any hassles.