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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > What do People Look for When Buying a Used Car Online?

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What do People Look for When Buying a Used Car Online?

What do People Look for When Buying a Used Car Online?

The internet has not only globalized the buying and selling market, but it has offered people the ability to transact just about anything from the comfort of their homes. Even in the case of used cars, cus-tomers can easily find suitable pre-owned cars today, by simply browsing the many online portals. But while shopping for used cars has been made easy, there are several things that people should look in the vehicle to get the best deal.

Quality of the Car

Quality of the car is one of the biggest, if not most important, concern for customers. While you cannot expect the car to be the same quality as a brand-new model, the used car you are buying should be in decent condition. Checking the car’s quality, whether new or used, is easy in a physical market; howev-er, it can get a bit tricky when buying online, especially when it comes to used cars. For this reason, it is best to rely on reputed dealers when buying used cars online. This way you can be more certain of the quality and authenticity of the car.

Range of Options

With changing trends, there are numerous options to choose from. Whether it is brand, model or even color, you can find a used car that meets your precise needs. Very often, people also want options when it comes to their budget. As online portals allow car owners from all over to register their vehi-cles, it is easy for potential buyers to find something based on their preferences. All these options and features is what makes online car portals a great place for customers to find the right cars today.

Loans and Paper Work

Banks and other financial institutions have started providing used car loans, not only at their physical outlets, but also online, making it easier for people to avail quick and easy loans. For instance, you can get a used car loan from an NBFC like Tata Capital from its website in a short time. These institutions offer competitive interest rates, customizable tenures and even flexible EMI repayment options, to sweeten the deal. The best part? Used car loans can be availed by filling out an online form and sub-mitting documents online, reducing the need for paperwork.

Pre and Post Sale Services

Until a few years ago, companies only provided after sales services. But to make things more convenient for buyers, some companies provide pre-sale services as well. For instance, doorstep services include the company’s executive coming to your home to collect documents or bringing the car to your door for a test drive are some of the things offered. And if there is a problem, these used car dealers also offer 24-hours customer service to improve the overall buying experience.

Processing and Transactions

One of the main reasons why people are willing to buy cars online is easy and streamlined processing and transparent transactions. A person willing to buy a car online can carry out all the transactions from the comfort of their couch. Services including searching for the perfect car, shortlisting, availing a loan, customizing it to their needs, etc. can be easily done online. The online processing of loans and payments also makes the transactions transparent, ensuring an easy and hassle free process.