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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 Review

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TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 Review

TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 Review

In July 2019, TVS launched a new model in its RTR series – the Apache RTR 200 FI E100. An environment-friendly model, this bike utilizes ethanol as fuel. The name E100 signifies 100% ethanol usage, although the bike can function on 80% ethanol and 20% petrol. Less percentage of ethanol results in engine-stalling or wheel-hopping.

The bike’s engine and cycle parts are similar to the carburetted Apache RTR model but it has a different fuel-delivery system, ECU and plumbing. It also offers higher power and torque curves despite possessing similar power and torque outputs to its petrol-based variant.

Fuel Delivery System

A unique feature of this bike is its fuel delivery system. It uses a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system operated by a 16 micro-bit processor. The Idling Air Control Valve (IACV) offers enhanced drivability and stability. The fuel injection system also has a Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAPS), a high-pressure twin-spray fuel-injector, a lambda sensor, a temperature sensor, and a fuel pump. These features of the fuel injection system result in quick engine response, better performance and less emission of butadiene and benzene.

Cooling System

The bike uses a TVSM patented oil-cooled combustion chamber with ram-air assistance. This cooling system reduces the engine’s heat map by 10 degrees. Its piston is lightweight and coated with Nano Friks, resulting in a high revving performance.


A reason for this bike’s incredible performance is its A-RT (Anti-Reverse Torque) slipper clutch technology. The clutch power is reduced by 22% resulting in shorter lap timing for riders and less wheel-hopping during corner-shifts. The torque limiter effect of the clutch provides this model with better stability. This clutch also enables effortless gear shift.

Other Mechanical Features

Other important mechanical features for TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 includes a TVSM patented double cradle split synchro stiff chassis, a KYB suspension system with a mono-tube floating piston shock absorber, optional Pirelli tires, and a double-barrel exhaust. It has a 200-cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, and a double-disc brake.

Stylistic Features

The bike includes a fully digital interactive speedometer, a foam-in-place split seat, alloy wheels, and an engine cowl. Not much is stylistically different between TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 and its petrol-based variant, except the presence of green decal highlights on this model.

The ex-showroom prices for this bike start at Rs. 1.2 lakh. It is currently available in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

This bike is a breakthrough for the Indian automobile industry because of its environment-friendly design. Buying this bike can be a challenge for those on a tight budget. Two-wheeler loans in India can help you buy this bike without worrying about exhausting your savings.

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