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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Toyota vs Honda – Which is the Best for a Sedan?

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Toyota vs Honda – Which is the Best for a Sedan?

Toyota vs Honda – Which is the Best for a Sedan?

If you’re looking to buy a sedan, you’ll likely consider popular options like Toyota, Hyundai, Maruti, Honda, amongst others. Out of these, Toyota and Honda sedans sell like hot cakes in India and choosing between the two can be tricky.

When Honda had just started manufacturing bikes in 1949, Toyota was already selling cars. By the time it introduced its first car, Toyota had been selling four-wheelers for 20 years. Honda was, however, quick to catch up. Today, Honda is the eighth largest car company selling around 4.5 million cars every year, while Toyota is the world’s top car company selling over 10 million cars annually. 

The two best-selling sedans to determine their early successes in India are the Toyota Qualis and Honda City. Both are the epitome of powerful performance, great design and drivability. It could be a real tough choice to narrow down on the best one. Let us look at some of the salient features across the two.

  Features   Honda   Toyota   Verdict
Reliability and Performance While Honda does focus on superb designs and high-tech transmissions, it lacks in the reliability department. In 2013, despite being the best-selling Honda in India, the Civic was discontinued for its ground clearance issues.   On the other hand, Toyota has refused to compromise reliability for comfort and performance. Unlike Honda, Toyota keeps things simple with its conservative designs, standard safety measures and robust engine.   Both Toyota and Honda are popular among users, whether those looking to buy new cars or second-hand cars through used car finance.
Pricing As of 2019, Honda has only 9 models of cars on sale in India. Brio, the cheapest model by Honda, starts at Rs. 4.73 lakhs and its top one, Honda Accord, is priced at Rs. 43.21 lakhs.   Currently, Toyota has 12 models of cars in the Indian automobile market. Toyota’s cheapest car, the Etios is priced at Rs. 5.58 lakhs and the most expensive model is Land Cruiser priced at Rs. 1.47 crores.   Even though Honda seems to be more affordable, Toyota actually has more models on sale in India. So, both brands have cars that cater to the average family and top-class buyers. Also, it is a smart option to buy second-hand cars or a used car through used car loan in India since Honda and Toyota cars have good resale value.
Design and Interiors Honda has ensured that their cars stand out from the crowd with their upscale material, beautiful interiors, and sleek look.   In contrast, Toyota has always played it safe when it comes to designing. Some might say that Toyota vehicles have been boring, but the company is taking a whole new approach to change its rather bland design. Both Honda and Toyota design compact yet spacious cars that have a distinctive presence.

Whether you buy a used car or a new one, both Honda and Toyota will exceed your expectations. With Tata Capital’s second-hand car loans, you get instant approval with minimal documentation, flexible repayment periods and attractive interest rates. If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, a used car loan is the way to go.

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