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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Top 10 Things you should know about Superbikes

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Top 10 Things you should know about Superbikes

Top 10 Things you should know about Superbikes

Superbikes are synonymous with speed and thrill. Although you cannot ride them at high speeds on busy Indian roads, a visit to any racing track will quench your speed thirst. No doubt they cost a bomb, but they are accessible compared to many high-end cars. Not having cash isn't a problem these days, you can opt for any two wheeler loan or two wheeler finance to buy your very own wheeled-love. Many auto finance companies offer bike loan in India at affordable interest rates. So make your dream of owning a superbike come true but before that, take a look at the top 10 things you should know about superbikes:

1. Track-ridden

Barring a few; superbikes are meant for tracks. The tuning and parts of a superbike are built accordingly. Riding them on rough roads with potholes and uneven speed breakers may damage its high-gripping tires and the cowl underneath the bike.

2. Ground Clearance

Just like supercars, superbikes too have limited ground clearance which is most likely to touch the ground whenever you stumble upon a speed breaker with an unusual height. This holds true for most bikes with fairings.

3. Riding Gear

Riding gear is a must when you ride a superbike. Without proper riding gear, you might be risking your life as these machines are made to fly. It’s expensive and cannot be included in the bike loan you take at the time of purchasing the superbike.

4. Expensive Accessories

Just like a gold ornament, everything associated with a superbike is ‘super’ costly. Whether you want to get a new center stand or accessory lights, get ready to shell out not a few hundreds but thousands.

5. Fuel

Superbikes require fuel of very high quality. An octane number is provided by the manufacturer which is used to denote the level of the fuel. The higher the octane number, the higher the grade of the fuel.

6. Maintenance

Owning a superbike has its own share of expenses. Costlier assets require costly maintenance. Your superbike requires servicing as per recommendation from the manufacturer to continue running smoothly. Get the oil change and service on scheduled kilometers or months to keep things in check.

7. Tires

Because of the softer compound used on superbikes for a strong grip, the tires do wear out quickly if you run them on patched roads. Most superbike tires have a life of just 10,000 kilometers. Remember, you cannot avail an extra pair of tires and include the expense in your two wheeler finance.

8. Not the Best Commuter

If you think you can buy a superbike on a two wheeler loan and use it for daily commuting, you are mistaken. Maneuvering superbikes in traffic is like trying to walk in marshy lands with water up to your thighs.

9. Sharpen Your Skills

To ride a superbike requires skills, which can be learnt in any of the numerous bike racing schools available in the country. Riding a liter-class bike without training is risky, given the insane power it embraces.

10. Cost

Superbikes are expensive and if you would like to buy one, opt for a good two wheeler loan in India which you can repay in easy EMIs.

Getting a bike loan in India shouldn’t be a problem when with Tata Capital that offers bike loan at attractive interest rates and easy EMI options.