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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Tips to upgrade your used car with new car tech

Loan for Vehicle

Tips to upgrade your used car with new car tech

Tips to upgrade your used car with new car tech

No matter how much you try to maintain your used car right, technology will eventually be dated compared to modern cars. It would be tough to turn your manual car into an automatic, but you can always spruce up your used car with new car tech and stay with the times. 

You don’t have to worry about the upgrading process being expensive either. At a nominal cost, you would be able to add several practical features, which would enhance your in-car experience and make it a safer vehicle too. Most of the new car tech features are reasonably priced. However, for certain high-end modifications that could be costlier, you can check used car loan interest rates and can get a used car loan for getting such features.  

Let’s take a look at some of the modifications you can make to upgrade your used car:

Rearview camera

A must-have update is a rearview camera. It gives you the convenience of not turning back to check while reversing your car. The projection of the camera is usually on the inner rearview mirror, which doubles up as a screen when reversing. A good quality camera should cost you between Rs 4000 - Rs 7000.

Sound System

You can conceal the shortcomings of your old car by installing a powerful music system. Remove the old radio unit and CD player from your car. A new sound system with surround sound quality will be pleasing to the ears. And, of course, it will do wonders to your image as the owner of the car. There are several car sound systems available in the market priced in various ranges, which can go up to Rs 1 to 2 lakh as well. This is an excellent way to upgrade your used car.

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Parking sensors

Parking sensors in second hand cars

Another useful yet economical upgrade would be parking sensors. They alert you whenever an object falls in the range of the vehicle. Equipping your car with parking sensors (either front, back or both) will help protect it against scratches or minor accidents while parking in tight spots. You can buy average quality parking sensors for as little as Rs 1200 -1500. It is a practical addition to your used car that you might have bought using a second hand car loan.

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Bluetooth Kit

Most accidents are caused by careless drivers who are often found using their mobile phones while driving. Installing a Bluetooth kit will enable you to focus on the drive while attending to phone calls on the go. You can install the one with speakerphone and Voice Announce Caller ID. 

Touchscreen units with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity

Another option to upgrade your used car with new car tech is to install an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system, which is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You can use most of the features of your phone via this touchscreen and enjoy the drive just like in a new car.

The aforementioned feature-list is not exhaustive. You can go for many other tech equipment to upgrade your used car. And if budget becomes a constraint, Tata Capital’s used car loan is there to your rescue you for such troubles

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