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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Tips to Keep Your SUV Car in Perfect Condition This Monsoon

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Tips to Keep Your SUV Car in Perfect Condition This Monsoon

Tips to Keep Your SUV Car in Perfect Condition This Monsoon

An imposing and resilient vehicle, the SUV is perfect for urban dwellers that enjoy getting away on exciting adventures. Great off-road vehicles, they perfectly navigate our less-developed roads as well, moving over those potholes like they’re not even there. This monsoon season, it’s incredibly tempting to take your SUV out and test it against the elements. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t! Here are some ways to keep your SUV in fighting shape this monsoon, taking care of each essential part.

Tyre Care

At any point in time, making sure your tyres are in great shape is important. In the monsoons, this becomes crucial. The contact point between your vehicle and the road, they must have a great grip while still moving smoothly. Check your treads, and make sure they aren’t worn out. More adventurous drivers might even go for tyre upgrades and invest in a set of all-terrain tyres.

Underbody Care

The underbody is the next most important component to check. Make sure there are no leaks or exposed equipment that could rust from the constant moisture. The best way to prevent underbody damage is by spraying it with a mixture of diesel and used engine to separate it from the water. To be even more cautious, get a rust protection coat of paint. While driving through waterlogged areas, check for any underwater obstacles that might damage the vehicle.

Brake Care

It’s very important to remember that when driving through waterlogged areas, don’t apply brakes or accelerate the vehicle. Ensure your brakes aren’t worn out, by testing them at home. Start the engine, and after your car has idled for a while, press down on the brake. If there is no resistance and the pedal sinks, you should get your brakes checked by an expert. Having a healthy brake system is always important, and indispensable during the monsoon.

Battery and Engine Care

Your battery and engine have a lot of exposed wiring that do NOT agree with the monsoon humidity. Ensure all your wires are well insulated, replace any that’s been worn down. If your car stops in the middle of a water-logged space, don’t restart the engine and risk letting water in. Just step out and call emergency services. Try to drive in the centre lane as there is less chance of waterlogging there.

Body Care

Your SUV’s paintwork is most likely to be affected by water damage. You can prevent this by keeping your car body clean and free of dirt and sludge. Don’t use car covers that can trap moisture underneath them and cause your paintwork to peel away. Polish your paintwork from time to time to generate a protective coating.

With these tips, you can keep your SUV in great shape this monsoon. As cars become replaceable commodities that owners change every couple of years, your car is no longer a lifetime investment. A smart and affordable option is to buy second-hand cars instead. A used car is the best way to combat the constant damage cars are prone to. Tata Capital offers secure and inexpensive used car finance, second-hand car loans and used car loans in India.

Our used car loans offer attractive interest rates, starting at just 12.5%! So, buy used cars with ease at Tata Capital and make the best second-hand cars your own.