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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Tips to Keep Your Hatchback Car in Perfect Condition this Monsoon

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Tips to Keep Your Hatchback Car in Perfect Condition this Monsoon

Tips to Keep Your Hatchback Car in Perfect Condition this Monsoon

Hatchbacks are the most popular car type in India. However, Indian monsoons can often put a damper on the happiness that comes with your car. The intense rains can cause severe damage if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to preserve your hatchback through an Indian monsoon.

Keep it Clean

When faced with the mud and sludge during the rainy season, cars can often face irreparable damages. It can ruin the paint finish, and sometimes cause even deeper damage to the body itself. The best way to preserve your car is to wash and wipe it down regularly. Clean it down every morning to get rid of stray leaves that can cause further damage.

Stay away from car covers

While a car cover seems like an easy way to protect your car from external dirt, the heavy rain can cause the cover to stick to the car. When it dries and you take it off, that might peel off the top coat of clear paint.

Protect the Underbody

The underbody of your car can be protected by spraying it with a solution of diesel and used engine oil. It will form a layer that moisture will have difficulty penetrating, protecting the parts from rusting, mud and other such water damage. Be careful not to spray it on engine components, as that may cause fires! Spraying it on the brake discs will also cause a loss of braking, which is dangerous.

Protect the paintwork

The best way to protect your cars paintwork is to use a paint protection film. The less expensive options include car wax or polish, anything that can repel the water from your car and preserve the paint.

Drape towels over the seats

The easiest way to protect the interior of your car from getting wet is by draping towels over the seats. It will preserve the upholstery, particularly the backrest and headrest. It might not be the most visually appealing option, but it will save your car.

Use a defogger

Most cars come equipped with an automatic defogger. If this isn’t the case for you, turn the blower to full speed and move the intake to fresh air mode. DON’T use a towel to clean the condensation, as that will more leave streaks.

Drive in the centre lane

The centre lane usually has the least likelihood of facing waterlogging, as all roads are usually designed to tilt to the sides. If you do have to drive through a flooded area, however, drive slowly and don’t use your brakes. Keep enough space between yourself and the car in front of you so you will not have to stall. If you have to stop the car in high water areas, do NOT restart the engine.

These are some handy ways to preserve your car this monsoon season. These days, cars are becoming less of a lifetime investment, and are now turning into a purchase that is replaced every two years. An affordable way to keep up with the times is buying second-hand cars. Especially in this rainy weather opting for used car or a second-hand car is the right decision.

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