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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Things To Inspect About A Used Car Before Purchasing

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Things To Inspect About A Used Car Before Purchasing

Things To Inspect About A Used Car Before Purchasing

Selecting second-hand cars can be a daunting task for many. If you are planning to buy used cars, you must be sure that the one you are selecting is fit for the purpose. There are a few things you can inspect before you buy second-hand cars. 

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Test Drive

Go for a test drive; it is the best way to know how good a used car works. Take it around and see how the gears, clutch and brakes function. 


Park the car on an even surface and check the exterior of the car to see that there is no unevenness, signs of depression or bloating in the outline of the car.  Insist on a clean car for inspection so that you can look for rusts, dents and scratches on the surface of the car. Uneven surface or inferior paint finish can be signs of a major repair cover-up.

Inspect Parts

The bonnet of the car is another place that needs to be opened and inspected for cracks, rusts and dents. The bonnet itself should open and close freely. The radiator hose shouldn’t be too soft and the timing belt shouldn’t have any signs of damage. The latter, in particular, can be costly to replace. Do the dipstick check to see the level and color of the fluid at the end of the transmission dipstick. A darker color is fine, but it shouldn’t look or smell burnt. While inspecting the exhaust pipe, watch out for rusts and damages to the pipe and the rest of the underbody. Greasy deposits in the exhaust can mean potentially expensive servicing costs.


While the actual state of the engine is difficult to determine, you can make sure that there are no signs of corrosion or leaks. Even a small leak could mean a lot of cost in repairs. Open the oil cap to check and make sure that there is no foam inside, as it could be a sign of leakage. Avoid a car that has signs of a head gasket leakage.


Have a look at the interiors of the car for the seat cover and upholstery, seat belts, odometer, average mileage, the functioning of the touch screen (if any), AC, music player etc.


The tires of the car should be checked for the extent of wear and tear. If the treads are not deep enough, it would mean that the tires need to be replaced.

While deciding on the car, you must be aware of the availability of a second-hand car loan. In case you take a liking to a slightly expensive car, used car finance will make sure that money is not a concern. Tata Capital promises used car loan in India with attractive interest rates, flexible tenures and repayment terms.