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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Technologies That Will Impact Two Wheelers in the Near Future

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Technologies That Will Impact Two Wheelers in the Near Future

Technologies That Will Impact Two Wheelers in the Near Future

Two-wheeler technology is constantly evolving. What’s more, technologies that were once a feature of performance bikes are slowly trickling down to regular bikes too. And right now, they are all about keeping safety and performance first. No doubt, these are exciting times for new two-wheeler tech.

Curious about what technology bikesof the future will have? Here is a glimpse at the innovations we’re currently seeing in the bike space that may make a debut later.

1. Traction control

A not-so-new bike technology that you might see more commonly in regular bikes is traction tech. Since this tech alters the rotational speed of the rear wheel, it prevents the rear wheel from drifting, preventing loss of control and accidents. No doubt, it gives a better sense of stability, control and safety to bike drivers.

2. AR helmet technology

Helmets are an integral part of motorbike safety gear. And they are set to get even more effective. You may even see helmets equipped with Bluetooth and audio capabilities that connect to your phone seamlessly. This will help you listen to navigation instructions without needing earphones for it.

What’s more, some manufacturers working onthe latest bike technologyare developing AR-enabled (Augmented Reality) helmets too. The AR technology will be equipped with a GPS facility and speedometer to prevent distracted driving, and it will also come with a 360-degree road view, reducing the chances of accidents even further.

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3. Two-wheelers with Internet of Things (IoT) technology

IoT-enables scooters are already prevalent, thanks to rideshare trends. Currently, IoT allows commuters to book a scooter at any location using a mobile app and they get a key to ride the scooter. Customers can also park the scooter at the parking station and pay for the ride through the same app. Such automated systems will only become more commonplace in the future.

4. Ebikes with a longer range and smaller batteries

Currently, e-bikes come with gigantic batteries that require frequent recharging to cover short distances. Moreover, the big batteries make the bike heavy, reducing its maximum speed further. As bike technologygets better, we might see bikes equipped with smaller, more efficient batteries that give a longer range, making an environmentally-friendly long-distance ride more enjoyable.

5. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Another safety technology that will gain traction is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Put simply, this technology will allow vehicles on the road to communicate with each other wirelessly in case of an emergency.

For this, two-wheelers will need to be equipped with sensors to measure speed, braking, location, etc. Hence, initially, bikes with this system might cost a large sum. However, the good news is you can easily get a two-wheeler loan to cover purchasing costs.

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Thanks to upcoming bike technology like vehicle-to-vehicle communication, efficient e-bike batteries, traction control technology, IoT and AI-based helmets, riding a two-wheeler is set to become a safer and more enjoyable experience.

If you ever want some financial help to buy the latest bike in the market, you can always turn to Tata Capital. We offer loans at the most affordable bike loan interest rates and offer flexible repayment terms too.

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