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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Tata vs Hyundai – Which is the Best for Sedan

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Tata vs Hyundai – Which is the Best for Sedan

Tata vs Hyundai – Which is the Best for Sedan

Hyundai Motors is a subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate, Hyundai, and is one of the leading car manufacturers globally. Similarly, Tata Motors is a subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate Tata Group and is one of the leading manufacturers in the Indian market. Together they represent a large part of the car manufacturers segment in India. Maruti, Mahindra, Hyundai, and Tata are among the leading car manufacturers in the country in terms of car sales. In fact, these cars are also among the most traded cars in the used cars or second hand cars market in the country. Here’s a look at the sedans manufactured by Tata and Hyundai to see why they’re held among the most popular manufacturers in the country.

Tata Tigor and Tata Zest

The Tata Tigor and Tata Zest are two excellent sedans that are renowned for comfort and good mileage. The Tigor averages a better mileage between 24-27 kilometres per litre compared to the Zest’s 18-23 kilometres per litre. The Tata Zest, however, beats the Tigor for comfort. While the Tigor has titanium coloured upholstery to enhance the appearance of the interiors, the Zest focuses on comfort in terms of the car ride. The excellent suspensions on the car mean that uneven roads and potholes that are common occurrences on Indian roads are unencumbering. Further, the eight-speaker music system on the car makes the ride a truly enjoyable experience.

Hyundai’s Elantra, Xcent and Verna

The Verna sports stylish rear combination lamps and a dynamic grille. The car has a great blend of power and efficiency. The Verna averages excellent mileage between 17-24 kilometres per litre and is optimized for aerodynamic performance.  The Elantra is similarly sporty and stylish but is available at a lower price bracket. The parking assistance system and push to start button provides the feeling of a truly modern car with some of the best in class design. The Hyundai Xcent, on the other hand, is on the lowest end of the price bracket and is the oldest sedan presently sold by the company in India. Despite this, the Xcent averages mileage between 17-25 kilometres per litre.

Both manufacturers offer some excellent cars on the Indian market in terms of comfort and performance. However, given the quality of these cars, their prices tend to be high. Fortunately, car values tend to plummet almost instantly after they are bought. This means that these cars are a lot more affordable on the second-hand car market. To buy second-hand cars or to buy used cars in India now makes complete sense and explains the growth of used car loans, second-hand car loans and used car finance services as a whole in India. Tata Capital, for instance, offers some of the best used car loans in India. The easy access and availability of funds and the low prices of cars in the second-hand car market means that these exquisite sedans can be bought and driven by just anybody. Get second-hand car loan from Tata Capital today!