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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Sedans With Best Suspensions For Indian Roads

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Sedans With Best Suspensions For Indian Roads

Sedans With Best Suspensions For Indian Roads

The quality of Indian roads has improved vastly in the past few years. However, rough patches, under-construction roads, and damaged roads are still somewhat common when driving in the country. That is why you often hear people talk about the car suspension before making a purchase. Whether they are looking to buy a new car or second-hand cars, ensuring that the suspension is in order is crucial.

Why is a car’s suspension so important anyway? In layman’s terms, the car’s suspension is responsible for providing a smoother ride. It helps to reduce the friction between the tires and the road. You will not always find smooth roads to drive on. A great suspension absorbs the shock, reduces the energy from the shock, and eventually, the impact on the car and the people inside.

If you want a seamless driving experience on uneven roads or even off-road, you can buy an SUV and call it a day. However, if you prefer the regal appeal of sedan cars in India, you are limited by options. So, you need to be extremely mindful of choosing a car with good suspension, especially when buying used cars. Sometimes, the exterior and interior may look perfectly fine, but the suspension of the car is terrible. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of top sedans with good suspension so you can make the right pick.

Best Sedan Cars in India with High Quality Suspensions

Toyota Etios

The Etios is known for providing fantastic room to accommodate an average Indian family comfortably. As one of the best sedans in India, the Etios’s MacPherson Strut front suspension and Torsion beam rear suspension are awesome. These give impressive shock-absorbing capacity and reduce the burden on the car and the people. From speed bumps to untarnished roads, this sedan can glide over every type of road with ease.

Honda City

Whether you are a motorhead or a casual driver, Honda City needs no introduction. It is a classic and one of the best luxury sedan cars in India. Over the years, Honda has updated the City with new features and looks. The latest Honda City also happens to be one of the best sedans in India in terms of suspension and ride quality.

The latest Honda City features McPherson Strut with coil spring at the front. While at the rear, it has Torsion Beam with coil spring. Even though it has a ground clearance of just 165 mm, the two best-in-class suspensions ensure that no matter the terrain driver and passengers have a buttery ride experience.

Ford Aspire

When it comes to suspension, Ford aspire is third on the list of best sedan cars in India. It features an independent McPherson Strut with coil spring front suspension and a semi-independent twist-beam rear suspension. Together the two suspensions are perfect and provide an excellent steering experience. Plus, the car’s 174 mm ground clearance ensures no underbody contact with speed bumps. Hence, reducing damage to the car. Even as a second-hand car version, the Aspire’s performance is pretty decent.

Volkswagen Virtus

Volkswagen Vitus is a famous car among the fans of luxury sedan cars in India, and rightly so. It packs a powerful VW engine, a luxury interior, and tons of features. It also happens to be one of the top sedans when it comes to suspensions and ride experience. 

The Virtus has a ground clearance of 179 mm, which is remarkable for a luxury sedan. At the same time, it features a McPherson strut suspension at the front end and a twist-beam rear axle. So, the ride quality is smooth, even on uneven Indian roads. Also, VW recommends a tyre pressure of 33 PSI, claiming that it helps the car absorb shocks, especially in potholes, better.

Fiat Linea

The Linea is one of the best sedans in India from a suspension setup perspective. Its independent wheel front suspension and the Torsion beam rear suspension promise a smoother drive. The helical coil spring shock absorber further reduces the shock transmitted to the car and the passengers. Additionally, it has one of the highest ground clearance – 185 mm, making for a smooth driving experience. Even on a second-hand car, the suspension is quite good.

Maruti Ciaz

The Ciaz has the same suspension setup as Toyota Etios. Although it has lower ground clearance, as compared to the other entrants; the car’s 170 mm ground clearance is still higher than sedans like Verna and City.

The higher ground clearance, together with MacPherson Strut front suspension and Torsion beam rear suspension, make the Ciaz one of the best sedans in India to have if you travel on bad roads frequently. You will not feel any discomfort even when your car passes through potholes and speed breakers. 

To conclude

That was the list of top sedans with the best suspensions for Indian roads. These cars have decent ground clearance and exceptional front and rear suspensions. So, no matter the sedan you pick from the list, you will have a great in-cabin experience even on some of the worst roads.

If you’re looking to buy used cars, be sure to check the suspension and all its components. Additionally, you can avail second hand car loans to fund your dream. With attractive interest rates and flexi EMI plans, Tata Capital’s used car loan is easily one of the best in the industry. So, fulfil your dream of owning a car with Tata Capital.