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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Sedan Vs Hatchback – Which One is more suitable as a Used Car?

Loan for Vehicle

Sedan Vs Hatchback – Which One is more suitable as a Used Car?

Sedan Vs Hatchback – Which One is more suitable as a Used Car?

In the tussle between sedan vs hatchback used cars, who takes the win? Let's find out.

For those confused over which car to buy, the decision often comes down to two common body styles – sedans and hatchbacks. But in any case, affordability and practicality concerns remain paramount.

Fortunately, today, as various used car loan options are readily available for different car selections – from sporty sedans to luxury SUVs, the demand for second-hand alternatives has also increased remarkably. A key reason why you can secure a finance option at a competitive used car loan interest rate and buy a pre-owned car of preference.

So, before you close the deal, here are some pros and cons you should consider first.


Sedans, known for sleek builds and wedge-like designs, are perfect companions for highways since they provide better high-speed stability to the drivers. They are also lighter and more aerodynamic, so the fuel economy typically favours a sedan used car.

Further, if you like quieter interiors, go for sedans since they come with a lower NVH level and provide more efficient insulation around the car. 

On the other hand, the cons include –

  • Expensive in comparison
  • Takes up more parking space
  • Difficult to manoeuvre in smaller areas

So, all in all, sedans are still lucrative options for buyers who live in metropolitan or suburban areas as they offer the same convenience and comfort as their hatch counterparts. Loans for pre-owned sedans also come with flexible EMI options, which you can easily calculate with a used car loan calculator.

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Thanks to a compact built and chopped boot space, hatches offer easy manoeuvrability to the drivers. Hence, they tend to be the superior choice for busy city circuits common in India. 

A hatchback used caralso features benefits like –

  • Better fuel efficiency due to the lightweight built 
  • Excellent rear window visibility
  • Enhanced durability 
  • Incredibly affordable 
  • Lower maintenance costs

However, on the downside, hatches do not have the most attractive built, so they can be disappointment if you like sleek cars. You may also have to compromise on interior space with no clear division for luggage storage and may suffer from privacy invasions. 

But overall, hatches are excellent car choices, which you can readily afford with a used car loan. So, before you apply with a lender, make sure you meet their used car loan eligibilitycriteria to secure the best deal. 

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To sum up

Based on the unique Indian road conditions, hatchbacks undoubtedly take the cake for the most suitable used car option. So, why wait for excess funds when finance is readily available? Your dream car purchase is only a click away. 

At Tata Capital, you can obtain quick loans at incredibly competitive used car loan interest rates to buy your favourite pre-owned car. 

Moreover, if you wish to understand the loan's monthly EMI obligations, you can also rely on our used car loan EMI calculator and accurately estimate the costs involved.

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