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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Sedan Vs Compact Sedan

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Sedan Vs Compact Sedan

Sedan Vs Compact Sedan

Today, compact sedans are the most sought-after cars, having crossed mid-size sedans in terms of demand and popularity. Once, these larger sedans were the only choice for those who wished to upgrade from hatchbacks. However, the game changer compact sedans thrived in no time providing a real threat to the established C-segment cars. Despite this disruption, you can’t write-off the customary sedans that offer a plush feel inside-out, along with powerful engine setups. Full-size sedans are pricier than their compact counterparts, but if you have to make a decision based on a budget, then you can buy second hand cars. Bringing home a used car is simple nowadays courtesy the availability of used car loan in India.

Sedan & Compact Sedan comparision

So, let’s go through the differences and advantages that each sort of sedan offers to its buyers. Do note that all prices ex-showroom.

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Details Compact Sedan Sedan
Engine Compact sedans are installed with petrol engines of 1.2L or lesser capacity, while diesel engines are capped at 1.5L or less.  Mid-sized sedans have no capping and can be more powerful, giving you the pleasure of solid performance and the feel of luxury. 
Dimensions & Design The rule for compact sedan states that it should measure less than 4 meters in length. That’s the reason some can appear different in shape when viewing its side elevation. At times, they merely look like a hatchback fitted with a large boot.  The same rule does not stand true with bigger sedans that stretch for over 4 meters. Mid-size sedans can be easily distinguished as they possess a balanced 3-box design that includes engine bonnet, cabin and trunk.
Classification Cars such as Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Honda Amaze, Hyundai Aura and the Volkswagen Ameo, with their sub-4-metre size, fall in the compact sedan category.  The mid-size sedan segment comprises the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz NEXA, Hyundai Verna, and the Volkswagen Vento.
Price Full-size sedans are more cost-effective than mid-sized sedans. 4-metre sedans (Dzire, Amaze) start at INR 5 lakh or 5.5 lakh. Meanwhile, top-end compact sedans can be purchased under INR 10 lakh. The price of C-segment sedans (Verna, City) starts at over INR 8 lakh. The high-end trims of these sedans can go to INR 12-13 lakh price bracket. 

What you end up purchasing depends on your priorities and budget. If you believe the extra space inside the cabin can be a trade-off for features in the compact sedan, a mid-sized sedan is a great choice for you. And if the budget holds you back from buying a new sedan, used cars market is filled with options for you.

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Be it a new or old sedan or compact sedan, you can always opt for a used car loan from a reputed used car finance company like Tata Capital and fulfil your dream of owning a car.

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