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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Rising Fuel Prices: Are CNG Used Cars Alternative amid Fuel Price Hike?

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Rising Fuel Prices: Are CNG Used Cars Alternative amid Fuel Price Hike?

Rising Fuel Prices: Are CNG Used Cars Alternative amid Fuel Price Hike?

Owing to a sharp increase in taxes, fuel prices have skyrocketed in India. Petrol recently touched a steep Rs. 100/litre mark in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan! Moreover, in most parts of the country, petrol and diesel prices continue to hover around Rs. 80-90/litre and above.

While diesel has been considered the more economical fuel, the price gap between diesel and petrol is shrinking rapidly. Rising fuel prices are forcing people to seek out cheaper substitutes for diesel and gasoline-powered cars like vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

And why not? Since CNG-powered cars have been running on roads for more than a decade now, you can easily get a CNG used car at an affordable price. These cars also offer many economic and environmental benefits.

Let us compare CNG vs petrol vs diesel cars and see how CNG used cars can prove to be a sustainable alternative amid the fuel price hike.


CNG is cheaper than diesel by 30-50%. This makes CNG cars much more cost-effective as compared to petrol and diesel counterparts. With economic fuel, your monthly and annual fuel expenditure comes down significantly.


CNG vehicles, even second-hand CNG cars, are way more eco-friendly than fossil-fuel automobiles. These cars have extremely low emissions. Thus, air pollution caused by harmful carbon dioxide, particulate matter and Nitrogen oxide is minimum.

Being a natural gas, CNG is also cleaner and abundant. Unlike diesel and petrol, which are non-renewable and slowing diminishing. It is also very sustainable as its main component – methane can be easily generated from biological waste. Furthermore, CNG engines produce less noise due to a low sound pressure level.

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Efficiency and performance

CNG cars are highly fuel-efficient carswith a mileage of around 21 kilometres/kilo and above. While they may not have the same acceleration levels as petrol or diesel-powered cars, CNG cars usually offer identical horsepower ratings and similar performance on the road. The figures may vary on paper, but the real-life differences are marginal and unnoticeable.

CNG’s high octane rating of about 130 ensures enhanced combustion efficiency, resulting in a decent performance. Besides, cleaner fuel burning features allow the CNG engine to have a longer lifespan of 10-12 years in comparison to most diesel-based cars’ six-eight years.

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A cylinder-fitted car may not seem safe at first. However, CNG cylinders are made of robust Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CRFP) and fitted following strict safety protocols. It is always advised to go for a factory-fitted CNG kit for maximum safety.

Parting thoughts

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