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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Reasons To Buy A Used Electric Car In 2022

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Reasons To Buy A Used Electric Car In 2022

Reasons To Buy A Used Electric Car In 2022

If buying a car is on your bucket list, why not buy second-hand electric car in 2022?

While electric cars are slowly gaining popularity because of their zero carbon emissions, skyrocketing fuel prices are the driving force behind most EV sales today. But despite their lower running and maintenance costs, buying an electric vehicle can break the bank for an average driver.

So if you've been eyeing an EV but don't want to deplete your savings trying to purchase it, you can go for a used EV instead.

Still not sure? Here are some compelling reasons to buy used electric car in 2022.

Used electric cars are affordable

Electric vehicles depreciate faster than their fuel-powered counterparts. This means buying a second hand EV will be cheaper than buying a gas-powered car of the same age. You will also be able to pay off your used car loan quicker since the borrowed loan amount will be smaller.

Relatively new car

As EVs are quite new in the market, you can easily get your hands on a car that is no older than 2-3 years. This means that you can buy a relatively new car at a highly affordable rate.

Smooth driving experience

EVs offer a smooth driving experience and are quieter than cars that run on fuel. The heavyweight of the battery also makes the car feel more rooted to the road. While driving an electric car, you will feel little to no bumps or vibrations.

Low maintenance

Besides bagging a great deal on the electric car second-hand price, you will also save a lot of money on its maintenance as it does not have too many moving and machine parts. As EVs do not have a complex engine, they also require less maintenance. This means you do not have to worry about your car breaking down.


An electric car will last much longer than a car that runs on petrol or diesel. This is because they have fewer parts that don't require frequent replacements. EV batteries also have a long warranty period and can last anywhere between 10-20 years before they require to be changed. 

Environment friendly

With no carbon emissions, EVs have zero contribution toward global warming. By purchasing a used electric car, you are being more eco-friendly than if you purchased a new one. This is because manufacturing an electric vehicle can leave a greater carbon footprint. However, its long-term impact on the environment makes up for this. 

Ready to buy?

Electric vehicles will soon take over the future of driving. Are you ready to embrace this shift? Don't let a small budget keep you from buying an EV that suits your lifestyle. Bring your dream car home with Tata Capital and enjoy affordable used car loan interest rates and flexible repayment plans. 

You can visit our website today to check your potential EMIs with the help of our used car loan EMI calculator.

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