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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Planning On Buying a Used Hyundai Grand i10? Here Are Some Things You Should Be Looking At

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Planning On Buying a Used Hyundai Grand i10? Here Are Some Things You Should Be Looking At

Planning On Buying a Used Hyundai Grand i10? Here Are Some Things You Should Be Looking At

Hyundai has been among the most reliable brands Indian car buyers have trusted for over 25 years. The Grand i10 is Hyundai's entry-level offering for the Indian markets. Hyundai is known for its refined engines, feature-packed vehicles, and premium interiors – all of which come at a cost.

However, the reliability of Hyundai's engineering and the popularity of its vehicles means you can also get your hands on a perfect i10 in the second-hand car market. So, if you plan to buy a cheap car for your daily commuting needs, buy a Hyundai Grand i10 second-hand. You will save money and get a refined engine and all the necessary features. 

So, what things should you consider before purchasing a used Grand i10? How much is the i10 second-hand car's price? Let us find out in this blog.

A brief look at the Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai launched the Grand i10 in August 2019. It is an entry-level family hatchback car. It is the successor to the Hyundai i10 but with new badging of Grand in its name. It bears the moniker of Grand because it comes with more features, premium interiors, and a sleek design. 

Hyundai launched the Grand i10 in both petrol and diesel options. Here is a breakdown of engine options you get with the Grand i10.

1. A 1.2-Litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine

2. A 1.2-Litre three-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine

Besides the engines, you can also choose between a 5-speed manual transmission or an automatic AMT transmission. The Grand i10 is available in four trim levels – Asta, Era, Magna, and Sportz, which you can choose depending on the features you need in your car. 

Pros of buying Grand i10 second-hand

Here is why buying an i10 in the second-hand car market is profitable:

1. Feature-loaded family car

When you buy a second-hand car, you pay less for the same things you would get in a brand-new vehicle. So, if you need a feature-packed car for your city commute or a small family car, a used Grand i10 is a perfect choice. Here are some features you get:

A. Push-button start/stop

B. An 8-inch infotainment with Android Auto and Apple Car Play

C. Automatic climate control and rear A/C vents

D. A 5.3-inch partial digital instrument cluster

E. Dual Airbags 

F. Rear parking sensors and camera

G. ABS and EBD

2. Perfect for enthusiast

Hyundai is removing diesel engines from its cars, including the new Grand i10s. So, if you are on a budget but want the driving experience of a punchy Hyundai diesel engine, buying the Grand i10 second-hand is your only option. Also, diesel used Grand i10 is ideal if you prefer a fuel-efficient car for city roads. 

3. Comfortable car

If one thing Hyundai nailed in the Grand i10 is the comfort factor for drivers and passengers. The seats are comfortable, and the interior is spacious. Moreover, the availability of an automatic gearbox ensures driving is less tedious, even in traffic. Besides, the Grand i10 has the best suspension you will find in an entry-level hatchback. 

Cons of buying Grand i10 second-hand

Here are some issues associated with buying an i10 second-hand car:

1. Clutch wear in automatic gearbox

Hyundai Grand i10 has only one automatic transmission option, i.e., an AMT gearbox. And AMT gearboxes are more prone to wear and tear. So, if you are going for a used Grand i10 with automatic transmission, it is crucial to thoroughly check the AMT gearbox's health. 

2. Faulty steering model

Another con to keep in mind when buying a Grand i10 second-hand is the faulty steering motor. It was a frequent issue in the car, which could be the primary reason the previous owner decided to sell it. So, before buying the vehicle, test the steering and get it checked by a professional. 

3. Poor ventilation

The air conditioning is not very good on the Grand i10, especially on lower-end models with no rear A/C vent. So, if you are particular about air conditioning, either get a used Grand i10's top-end variant or consider a different car.

Ideal price for second-hand Grand i10

The ideal price for a used Grand i10 depends on your preferred variant. In general, Rs 5.5 lakhs is the ideal i10 second-hand car price if you buy the base model. And if you buy the top model in the second-hand market, you can spend around Rs 7 lakhs.

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