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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Offline Vs Online Car Buying: Which is Better Option?

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Offline Vs Online Car Buying: Which is Better Option?

Offline Vs Online Car Buying: Which is Better Option?

The trend of purchasing a car online is steadily on the rise. Quicker access to multiple options, comfort, and a streamlined buying process lie behind its popularity. Still, a lack of physical product experience chases off many buyers. Therefore, many Indian consumers still prefer the traditional, offline approach to buy a car.

But, which of these car buying optionsis better for you? In this article, we compare both alternatives to help you decide for yourself.

Reasons to buy a car online

Following are some advantages of choosing the online car buyingoption.

Wide range of choices

While buying a car online, you may browse through countless options on different platforms without even stepping out of your house. You can choose from various car styles, models, variants and colours. The ease of comparing different cars in terms of engine capacity, features, specifications, and prices is unmatched by the offline experience.

Shop with convenience

The online option appeals to buyers who don’t prefer unnecessary haggling. A digital platform makes most details readily available on your screen. You can choose a model, view its pictures, get a quote or make an offer at your convenience. No pressure from a pushy salesperson either.

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Reasons to buy a car offline

Offline car buying offers you the following benefits.

Physical inspection

When you visit a dealer, you get to experience the look and feel of a car up close. You can decide if its exteriors and interiors match your taste or not. Most importantly, you can inspect the condition and performance of the car diligently.

This is especially useful when you want to buy used cars. It’s hard to believe every online review. So, it’s better to check the car out for yourself.

Better scope for negotiation

Buying a car through an offline dealership puts you in a better position to negotiate terms like accessories and price. By interacting with salespeople, you can cut a great deal with cash discounts and other freebies.

You avoid scams

There is a low chance of getting scammed in an offline dealership. For instance, buying a used vehicle online may expose you to fraudsters. They might advertise faulty models and post misleading videos, pictures, and reviews.

Plus, there are plenty of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) scams on various unregulated platforms. Most offline dealers provide you with a comprehensive vehicle history report that minimises this risk.

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Over to you

Both online and offline car-buying options have their share of pros and cons, but the decision mostly depends on your personal preferences.

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