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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Maruti Vs Tata – Indian Sedans with Ultimate Comfort and Mileage

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Maruti Vs Tata – Indian Sedans with Ultimate Comfort and Mileage

Maruti Vs Tata – Indian Sedans with Ultimate Comfort and Mileage

Maruti and Tata are among the largest car manufacturers in the Indian market. Both manufacturers, over the years, have produced quality cars like the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Tata Tigor, and Tata Zest. These cars tend to retain a good value even after purchase and can frequently be found being bought and sold on the used cars market. Here is a comparison of how the two manufacturers’ cars fare against one another in terms of comfort and mileage.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

The Swift Dzire is a budget sedan car that offers a decent degree of comfort. Variants of the car come with an in-built infotainment system and rear air-conditioning vents which make rides a comfortable experience even for passengers seated at the rear. The car’s mileage is 21.21 km/l on petrol and 28.40 km/l on diesel.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

The Ciaz is built with greater emphasis on comfort and elegance. The car indulges every rider with large amounts of leg space; a unique feature for cars plying on Indian roads. The two Maruti cars perform similarly when it comes to mileage. The Ciaz, like the Dzire averages 28.1 km/l on diesel.

Tata Tigor

The car has titanium coloured upholstery, making the interiors particularly attractive. The carmakers have paid attention to detail and have included a number of subtle features in the car like automatic climate control and an adjustable driver’s seat which sets the Tigor apart. The car averages between 24-27 km/l on diesel.

Tata Zest

The Tata Zest’s mileage is significantly lower than that of the Ciaz, Dzire or the Tata Tigor at an average of 18-23 km/l, however, the comfort that the car offers puts it on the same platform. The car is perfectly designed for Indian roads and just glides over bumps and potholes comfortably. The Zest also comes with eight speakers and a multitude of connectivity options. Ultimately these cars are on a relatively even platform, and the choice of car boils down to a matter of preference. Given the preference for a car, one must decide whether to buy the car from the showroom or buy a used car. Since the rise in the number of cars manufactured over the years, the second-hand cars market has grown tremendously meaning that the Zest, Tigor, Ciaz, and Dzire can all be bought at significantly more affordable rates thus fuelling the aspiration to own such cars due to their popularity. This is made possible through used car loan in India and used car finance with Tata Capital in this segment. Tata Capital even helps provide easy access to funds through a used car loan or second-hand car loan. Since car values tend to fall immediately after they are rolled out, it incentivizes people to buy used cars or buy second-hand cars. This may prove to be an excellent option for many since the above-mentioned sedans, in particular, are renowned for their durability and consistency in performance.