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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Make Your Daily Commute Safer with Your Own Two Wheeler in Post Pandemic World

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Make Your Daily Commute Safer with Your Own Two Wheeler in Post Pandemic World

Make Your Daily Commute Safer with Your Own Two Wheeler in Post Pandemic World

At this stage of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, citizens have adapted novel ways of coping with it. Lockdown restrictions are easing, and vehicles are hitting the streets again.

Given the situation, a change in the way people travelled was inevitable. Private vehicle ownership, including the sale of bikes and scooters, is on the rise as commuters are preferring to drive themselves to their destinations. Moreover, flexible loanfinancing solutions are readily available, and bike loan EMI calculators online have made it easier to evaluate a motorcycle’s affordability.

The pandemic made it mandatory to avoid crowded places and public transportation like metro, taxis, and local trains. Travelling safely now has a new meaning which involves owning a two-wheeler to steer clear of masses thronging the public places. As the surge in demand for bikes and scooters continues, lending institutions are providing competitive bike loan interest rates for their customers to capitalise on this situation.

Why is public transit unsafe in times of COVID-19?

The potential infection risk on trains and buses depends on how crowded they are. Since ridership levels are rebounding and public transit systems are carrying hordes of people, you can’t maintain a safe distance from them at stops, stations, and onboard.

Wearing masks and using hand sanitisers are two of the most helpful ways to protect against the virus. However, you cannot ensure that every person around you is doing the same. Public transporters also have numerous common touchpoints like door handles, turnstiles, handrails, and seats for easier transmission of the virus.

Switching to independent commute options

There is dramatic mode shift away from public transportation options toward single-occupant vehicles like bikes and scooters. People are using two-wheelers for grocery shopping to emergencies like buying urgent medicines. Subsequently, two-wheeler loan interest rates are also dropping, and buyers are happier than ever.

According to a recent survey by Yulu, a micro-mobility service provider, there is a notable 19.8% increase in urban commuters opting for a personal vehicle during the pandemic. In comparison, public transport saw a 25% decline in popularity. The sudden and significant shift from public transit is leading to increased purchases of two-wheeler vehicles. A simple search on the internet for “2-wheeler loan interest rate” is allowing people to opt for a loan and a bike in times like these.

Automotive industry experts suggest that this trend may persist as people will continue to prefer personal mobility to public transport. No wonder more and more commuters are opting for bike loans to finance their conveyance needs each day.

You can easily keep your bike virus-proof by storing gloves, masks and sanitiser for disinfecting it regularly. So, bring a bike home, use a two-wheeler loan EMI calculatorto accurately calculate your EMI and smartly manage your monthly expenses.

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Easy bike loan solutions

Nowadays, commuters can easily avail of online loans to cover their two-wheeler expenses. Furthermore, due to a developing consumer appetite for said loans, the bike loan eligibility criteria have become more feasible.

With zero-down payment loans and online bike EMI calculators, buyers can make a purchase easily without having to pay immediately. Commuters are also getting attractive motorcycle loan interestrates onavailing two-wheeler finance in the post-pandemic world. Lenders are offering flexible EMI plans where customers can pay smaller instalments in the beginning.

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Get a safe driving experience during the pandemic and manage your expenses with a Tata capital two-wheeler loan. Access your funds quickly with instant online approval by us today! 

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