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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Key Factors to Consider While Getting a Used Car this Monsoon

Loan for Vehicle

Key Factors to Consider While Getting a Used Car this Monsoon

Key Factors to Consider While Getting a Used Car this Monsoon

If you want to go from one place to another this monsoon without looking like a wet sock, a car is what you need. One can carefully select a good used car, given a large number of options available nowadays. Money is also not an issue anymore, as Tata Capital extends up to 95% of the car value as used car loan with flexible tenure and payment options.

However, before you avail a second-hand car loan, here are a few things you must consider while getting a new car this monsoon.


Check the documentation, particularly the registration papers, insurance policy, pollution under control, and the No Objection Certificate by the insurance company. The engine number and chassis number in the body should match with the papers. Confirm the use of insurance, no claim bonus, frequency of claim etc.

Test Drive

Test drive the car to check the driving comfort, unusual noise and functioning of the internal parts. If possible, find a brand new model of the same car and test drive it to identify noticeable differences in used cars.

Car Parts

Check the car parts and accessories thoroughly. You may opt to take the advice of a car expert or a mechanic in case you are not sure about any of it.

Other Important Tips

  • Remember its monsoon, and you might have to drive on waterlogged streets with full gusto. Make sure your car’s engine runs smoothly and accepts gear changes properly.
  • Test the stability of the car when the brake is applied at moderate to high speed. Also, check the handbrake while you are uphill or downhill.
  • After driving the car, park it in a clean surface to detect leaks from the engine or gearbox.
  • The exhaust is an important indicator of the car’s health. Black smoke indicates problems with the fuel injection while blue smoke might mean engine problems.
  • With regard to tire, alignment and balancing should be perfect. Too much wear and tear along the treads could mean an additional expense for you.
  • The battery of the car shouldn’t be too old and shouldn’t have too much acid deposit if it does; this is a sign of lack of maintenance.
  • The AC shouldn’t impair the car too much while going uphill or take too much time to cool the car.
  • In the case of second-hand cars, too many kilometers on the odometer would mean overuse or even commercial use.
  • Paint inconsistencies are an indication of accidents and past repair work.

Thanks to the easy availability of used car loan in India, you can easily plan to buy used cars. The price of the car is no longer an issue when you have Tata Capital offering up to Rs. 50 lakhs as used car finance. You can now travel stress-free in your very own car this monsoon!