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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Is Electric Car Better than Petrol Car?

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Is Electric Car Better than Petrol Car?

Is Electric Car Better than Petrol Car?

Now that electric cars have almost entered the mainstream market, we must ask the real question. Are electric cars better than petrol cars? The answer to this question is not so simple. So, let's dig deeper into the electric car vs petrol car debate.

Here are some benefits of electric cars

Although electric vehicles (EV) are relatively new in India, they have proved their worth in the western market. These are some of the advantages of owning an electric car.

Environment friendly

Since electric cars don’t emit greenhouses gases, they are better for the environment. By switching to electric vehicles, we can bring down the air pollution levels considerably. Electric cars also help improve our carbon footprint and don’t contribute to global warming.

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Cheaper in the long run

While the purchasing cost of electric cars is higher than the petrol variants, they prove to be more feasible in the longer run. The reason is that they don’t require any fuel to run, and with the rising petrol and diesel prices, EVs are proving to be more cost-effective. Also, buying a used electric car at a lower rate can be an excellent investment.

Low maintenance

Unlike conventional vehicles, EVs don’t require frequent servicing or fixing. Hence, they will require minimal visits to the service centre and save both time and money. Even the brakes in an electric car are more long-lasting than the brakes in petrol run cars. The only part that requires maintenance is the battery, but it can last more than ten years.

Less noise pollution

The first thing you will notice while driving an electric car is the absence of noise. Electric cars don’t make much sound, and you might experience a completely silent drive. Thus, electric cars can bring down the levels of noise pollution in India, which is a major issue.

The future of electric cars in India

In the past few years, India has taken some significant steps in the direction of electric mobility. The Indian government is aiming towards 30% EVs on Indian roads by the year 2030. Moreover, with the auto giant Tesla entering the game, India could see a massive rise in electric car sales.

There is still a long road ahead as the lack of charging infrastructure and higher initial cost are big obstacles. However, Indian auto manufacturers like Tata and Mahindra can bridge the gap and help bring down the cost of EVs in the future. For now, buying a used electric vehicle with the help of a used car loan is a good solution.

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In summation

If you wish to buy an electric car but cannot afford one, we suggest going for a pre-owned car instead. What’s more, you can avail of Tata Capital’s used car finance to make the process easier.

We offer competitive used car loan interest ratesand flexible repayment options, along with other attractive features. So, why wait? Check your used car loan eligibility on our website and apply today!

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