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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > India’s Best Commuter Bike in 2024

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India’s Best Commuter Bike in 2024

India’s Best Commuter Bike in 2024

Motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular commuting choice in Indian cities as a practical and cost-effective way to deal with rising traffic and long commutes. For Indian riders looking for the best motorcycle for daily transportation, there are many great options across various engine displacements and body styles.

This article will review the best commuter bikes in the Indian market that offer the optimal blend of affordability, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability, comfort, and dependable performance for urban commuting.

Best premium commuter bikes in India

Below are the Top 10 Commuter bikes in India in 2024:

1. Hero Splendor Plus

The Hero Splendor Plus remains one of the best commuter bikes in India even after decades in the market. This 97.2cc motorcycle is known for its reliable performance, excellent fuel efficiency of around 60kmpl and low maintenance costs. The latest BS6-compliant Splendor Plus comes with a fuel injection system, and 4-speed manual transmission and uses i3S technology for improved mileage. It generates max power of 7.9bhp and torque of 8.05Nm. The new model also features auto-sail technology, an ideal start-stop system, and stylish colour options. 

2. Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe is among the best commuter bikes from Hero that offers durability, a mileage of around 65kmpl and low ownership cost. The new BS6 HF Deluxe has Xsens technology for better performance and stylish alloy wheels. With a reliable 97.2cc engine, fuel injection and 4-speed gearbox, it provides excellent driveability and manoeuvrability for navigating city roads. This robust, no-frills commuter bike delivers good value. The Hero HF Deluxe is one of the best premium commuter bikes In India for new riders prioritising efficiency and affordability.

3. Hero Passion XTEC

The Passion XTEC adds premium styling and features to the Passion commuter bike's comfort and efficiency. The LED headlamp, digital console, Bluetooth connectivity and other hi-tech features give it a modern appeal. Its 113cc engine provides decent power and torque for city rides. Advanced features like a bank angle sensor and a start-stop system make it safer as well. It balances useful technology with practicality as an urban commuter. With its smart features and fuel efficiency, the Passion XTEC makes for one of the most comfortable commuter bikes in India.

4. Hero Super Splendor

The Hero Super Splendor stands out with its 124.7cc engine, which generates 10.7bhp power and 10.6Nm torque. This enables stress-free city and highway rides with excellent mileage. The 5-speed transmission adds cruising ability. Hero's i3S stop-start system boosts fuel efficiency. With a good blend of power and economy, it remains a popular commuter choice. The Super Splendor is considered one of the best commuter bikes for offering an ideal middle ground between performance and high fuel economy.

5. Hero Glamour

The Glamour offers an appealing mix of style, fuel efficiency, easy handling and comfort. Its 124.7cc engine delivers about 55kmpl mileage along with decent performance. Recent upgrades include an LED headlight, inverted LCD and 3D branding elements. Hero's i3S tech gives it improved mileage in city conditions. Feature-rich, aesthetic and easy to handle, the Glamour is one of the best 125cc commuters. It strikes a great balance between looks, efficiency and ride quality making it one of the best commuter bikes in the 125cc segment.

6. TVS Star City Plus

The Star City Plus strikes a balance as a power commuter. Its 109.7cc engine produces decent power and torque for energetic city rides. The mileage is around 70kmpl. Upgrades like LED headlamps, USB charging, and 3D logos make it feature-rich. With strong acceleration, modern features and good mileage, it offers excellent value. The Star City Plus is considered one of the best commuter bikes for its combination of performance, features and fuel efficiency.

7. TVS Radeon

The efficient Radeon is ideal for mileage-focused buyers. Its 109.7cc engine maximises efficiency with mileage of 70-80kmpl. Long-ride comfort comes from its contoured seat and telescopic forks. Dependable and comfortable, it works well for daily urban commutes and long highway trips, making it quite versatile. The Radeon emerges as one of the best commuter bikes for those looking for high fuel efficiency.

8. Bajaj Platina 110

The Platina is one of India’s most affordable commuters with mileage up to 96kmpl. The 115cc variant gets some extra power at 8.6ps and features like combi-braking, LED headlamp and USB charging. With an electric start and digital console, it balances affordability with technology. As one of the most fuel-efficient and budget-friendly models, the Platina 110 is considered among the best commuter bikes for new riders.

9. Bajaj CT 110

The sportily designed CT 110 is popular for easy handling and entry-level performance. Its 115cc engine churns out 8.9ps power, decent for city rides. The mileage is good at 65kmpl. Other features like a 5-speed gearbox make the riding experience smooth and enjoyable. It’s an ideal choice for new riders prioritising efficient performance on a budget. With its energetic engine and easy handling, the CT 110 emerges as one of the best commuter bikes for daily city rides.

10. Bajaj Pulsar P150

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 strikes an ideal balance as a powerful yet efficient commuter bike. Its 149.5cc engine produces 14.5PS power and 13.5Nm torque, allowing smooth overtakes and acceleration. The telescopic forks, mono-shock suspension and disc brakes make handling stable and braking smooth. With excellent fuel efficiency, comfortable upright riding position and stylish looks, the Pulsar P150 is a perfect package for daily city commuting. The Pulsar P150 stands out as one of the best 150cc commuter bikes in India that blend performance, comfort and mileage for a great daily riding experience.

Wrapping up

There are a variety of excellent commuter bike options for daily rides in Indian cities, depending on individual preferences for budget, features, performance and mileage. 

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