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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Ideal Used Car Features for a Smooth and Long-Term Experience

Loan for Vehicle

Ideal Used Car Features for a Smooth and Long-Term Experience

Ideal Used Car Features for a Smooth and Long-Term Experience

In the last couple of years, the market for used cars has witnessed a new, positive trend. The buyers of second hand cars are becoming more conscious of the features and convenience besides monetary value. The consumers today buy second hand cars through readily available used car finance. So, these are some vital attributes you should look for in a used car at the time of purchase to ensure long-term peace of mind:


After hovering your eyes over the exterior condition of the car, the foremost thing that should follow is the inspection of tires. Check the condition of the tires; see how much tread is left. Just to get an idea, ask the owner when was the last time the tires were replaced. Don’t take the owner’s words for it, look closer and check for yourself the depth of grooves, try to find tire wear indicator (TWI) on the tread. If it hasn’t disappeared, it means there is a good amount of tread life left.


Another crucial thing to check on used cars is the odometer reading for the number of kilometers run. There are high chances of odometer being tampered by the dealer to fetch a higher price for the car. An odometer reading of 30,000-45,000 kilometers is considered an acceptable buy. However, it’s not the number of kilometers that matters; the decisive factor is the vehicle’s upkeep and regular service. Hence, proper service records and scheduled maintenance verification are essential.

Air Conditioner

A good quality air conditioner in running condition is a must in cars these days. It keeps the driver and co-passengers comfortable throughout any journey/commute. Check for any abrupt sound coming out of the air conditioning system; check the cooling aspect too. If ignored, it may result in the additional cost burden of Rs 5000-6000.

Power Windows & Power Steering

Gone are the days when power windows and power steering were considered a luxury. These days, nearly all the cars feature the convenience of a power window system. For easy handling under city traffic conditions, power steering is a must. Similarly, the rolling of window glass by merely a touch of a button adds to the ease. Try if you can get all four power windows. If not, the front two are a must.

Airbags & ABS

A very crucial feature concerning the safety of the driver and the passengers; the presence of airbags and ABS has proved to be a lifesaver in countless road accidents in the country. Take it as a basic feature; always ensure protected drive with airbags and ABS. On the one hand, ABS prevents the car from locking up and skidding, while airbags assure safety at the time of a collision.

When buying a used car, it is strongly recommended to contact the owner directly rather than the dealer acting as a mediator for you.
In addition to the above features, other aspects to take care of when you buy used cars can be keyless entry (smart key), push-button start/stop (for convenience), tilt/telescopic steering (for apt command during maneuverability), rearview camera (for safety), and adjustable driver seat (for comfortable long haul/city traffic situations).

When it comes to the used car loan from Tata Capital, the process and procedure for a second hand car loan, compared to the times earlier, is much simpler now. And with minimum paperwork, you should be able to buy your dream car with a used car loan in India. Reach out to Tata Capital today!

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