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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Getting Home a Two Wheeler? 4 Tips to Follow

Loan for Vehicle

Getting Home a Two Wheeler? 4 Tips to Follow

Getting Home a Two Wheeler? 4 Tips to Follow

In this day and age, where auto rickshaws are constantly refusing you a ride, buses are over-crowded, you would only wish for a two-wheeler of your own. It could be a smart motorcycle or a trendy scooter or an inexpensive moped or an electric two-wheeler. Well, why not buy your own two-wheeler instead of facing the trials and tribulations of public transport?

Money shouldn’t be an issue as you can avail a two wheeler loan and make this happen. Before you plunge headlong into a two-wheeler loan, here are 4 tips we have outlined for you:

1. Check Your Eligibility: There are eligibility conditions you have to meet to avail the loan. For instance, the minimum age is 21 years (even though you can obtain a driving license at 18 years of age). You can visit the Tata Capital website and use the tools available to find out your two wheeler loan eligibility. Once you have zeroed in on the loan amount you can decide on other elements of the two wheeler loan.

2. Decide on the Various Elements of the Loan: Check out the Tata Capital website to decide on the various elements of the two-wheeler loan such as tenure, interest rate and amount of two-wheeler loan you can afford. You can input your details into the Two wheeler loan EMI calculator and get to see the EMI you are liable to pay. The EMI includes the interest and principal components as well.

3. Decide on the Appropriate EMI Option: You can choose the most appropriate EMI plan applicable to your circumstances before taking the loan. For instance, if you are a salaried individual and expecting a promotion soon, you could opt for the step up flexi EMI plan where for the first few years of the loan tenure you would pay a lower EMI and you would pay a higher EMI during the later part of the tenure (when your salary may increase).   

4. Collect and Submit the Documents with the Application: Documents are an important part of the application process - to prove your credentials of identity, address, employment, business, income and ability to repay the two wheeler loan. Thus, you need to collect all the necessary documents and submit them along with the application form. Tata Capital allows you two ways to apply for a Two Wheeler Loan. You can visit the nearest branch or you can apply online. Once you apply, you can expect an approval almost immediately if you submit all the information required along with copies of the relevant documents.

Getting a two-wheeler loan is actually not that hard. We have made sure of that. Our process is seamless and easy so that you can avail a loan without getting harrowed.