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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Gearless used cars vs geared used cars – which one is better?

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Gearless used cars vs geared used cars – which one is better?

Gearless used cars vs geared used cars – which one is better?

In the last couple of years, the second hand cars market in the country has witnessed a healthy upsurge. Compared to a decade ago, people now do not hesitate to buy second hand cars or used cars, thanks to the easy availability of used car finance or used car loan in India. Also, in the new car segment, a major shift from manual to automatic (AT) is being seen, and the same pattern is reflecting in the used car market too. City traffic-stricken people no more want the hassle of the gearstick every now and then, and hence prefer automatic versions. However, if you are still confused over the transmission to choose for your new second hand car, here is a detailed comparison of the two.

Characteristics Geared Used Cars / Manual Transmission (MT) Gearless Used Cars / Automatic Transmission (AT)
Performance The car with manual gearshift provides more control over the vehicle. It also gives you the liberty to change gears of your choice instantly. For example, 2nd gear to 4th gear right away. Manuals are fun to drive and simultaneously, more engaging. A boon for city drivers and beginners, you don’t need to find the right gear and simultaneously press the clutch. Hence, it is easier to drive. Smooth gear change and almost no vibration offer a pleasant ride with peace of mind in heavy traffic. 
Fuel Efficiency Cars with manual transmission offer slightly better fuel economy compared to automatics because the control is in your hands and sighting speed and road conditions, you can change gears suitably. Better fuel efficiency is also largely credited to the proper and timely gearshift. In automatic cars, automatic shifting of gears does affect the overall fuel economy a bit, as they shift on their own sighting speed and road conditions. However, slowly the ‘low mileage’ taboo around automatic cars is disappearing, and within no time, they will stand side-by-side (or may even excel) with manual cars in mileage cordon. This change is driven by evolution in technology. 
Maintenance & Cost Uncomplicated technology is used in the gearbox, which is economical and easy to maintain. Manuals are more reliable. Regular oil changes are done at much cheaper rates compared to automatic transmission (AT) vehicles.    With several mechanical components working together to ensure auto shifting of gears, they tend to fail too as many parts move in sync, resulting in increased chances of failure. On the positive side, its clutch wears less as against manual. On the flipside, brakes deter faster. It finds a dearer price label against manual gearbox cars.   
Situations in which they prove helpful Your drive mostly consists of long routes or your daily commute passes through hills and mountains. You want better control and fuel efficiency. You face heavy traffic conditions while commuting every day. You are tired by the constant use of gear/clutch and feel stressed due to the same. 

In a nutshell, it all boils down to your needs and requirements. If you are a city dweller and occasionally travel on open stretches and highways, you can choose automatic (AT) over manual. Although it might cost you slightly higher than manual, the additional cost (that takes away the hassle) is worth it. Moreover, if you are tight on budget, reside in a semi-urban area, want full control of your vehicle, the manual gearbox should be your choice. So, if you are looking to buy used cars, a second hand car loan from Tata Capital is just a click away. Tata Capital offers used car loan at attractive interest rates and with easy EMI options.